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Dec 2020


Kim, Dong-Myung


KRW 25.6 trillion



Building a Strong Business Portfolio

Leading the future energy industry by developing Advanced Automotive Battery, Mobility & IT Battery,
and ESS Battery enterprises, which are key for the green energy transition.

Advanced Automotive Battery

Contributing to the popularization of electric vehicles with the world’s best high-tech battery products

EV / PHEV / HEV / μ-HEV / Cell
Module / Pack / BMS

Mobility & IT Battery

Leading wireless innovation by actively targeting new markets, such as IT and LEV

ITEquipment / Power Tools / LEV
Cylindrical / Pouch / Free-Form

ESS Battery

Unlocking the smart grid era by providing various ESS battery products

Grids / Commercial / UPS / Residential Cell / Module Pack

Land, Sea, Air & Beyond into Space

LG Energy Solution become the first supplier in the industry
of electric vehicles, electric ships, drones, and battery-powered spacesuits.

Electric Vehicles

Supplier for 13 of the top 20 global automotive brands


Developer of lightweight, high-powered drone batteries


Supplier of battery-powered spacesuits for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


Supplier for the world’s first eco-friendly hybrid ship made by a Norwegian shipbuilding company


The ultimate goal of LG is to be recognized as the market leader in business performance as well as in management practices

Behavioral mode

Ethical management and code of conduct to enable capability development and fair competition

Management principles

The fundamental organizational principle guiding LG from beginning as a firm

About LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH

LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH has three business divisions: Advanced Automotive Battery, Mobility & IT Battery, and ESS Battery. Our core business activities are sales, development, customer service, and testing with our strong presence in the lithium-ion batteries sector. Leveraging our unmatched technologies, we are actively engaged in the development of innovative products and expanding our battery production capacities worldwide to strengthen our leadership in the next-generation energy market.

Research for a Better Future

In pursuit of our goals, we have established an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) vision titled “We CHARGE toward a better future.” This vision encompasses eight critical areas related to the environment, human rights, safety, and society, as well as four key areas including climate action, closed-loop recycling, human capital, and responsible supply chain management. By 2030, our focus will be on managing these four key areas, including transitioning to 100% renewable energy, reusing waste batteries, eliminating human rights risks, and establishing a clean and transparent supply chain for raw materials and batteries that takes into account the environment and human rights.

Our European Team

At the heart of LG Energy Solution EU’s success lies our European team—a group of dedicated professionals committed to innovation and excellence in the energy sector. With a deep understanding of the European market, our team is driven to deliver cutting-edge energy solutions tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse clientele. Embracing the unique challenges of the European landscape, our team’s collaborative spirit and expertise are key to driving the future of sustainable energy across the continent.

Donny George

Head of Sales & Marketing ESS & C&I, EMEA

Michael Bruesewitz

Country Sales manager, DACH, Benelux

Kwangmin Seol

Part Leader ESS Residential Planning Team

Luigi Dell’Orto

Country Sales Manager Southern EU

Asya Polidori

Marketing and Sales Manager, IT, ES, PT, GR, UK

Moritz Schmitt

Marketing Manager, DACH, EE, BENELUX

Kemal Aydogan

Technical Sales Manager

Angelantonio Pugliese

Installer Account Manager

Emre Kuyumcu

Key Account Manager

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