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enblock Academy

The training program to boost knowledge and expertise on LG Energy Solution’s storage products.

Our Path to Certification: A Three-Phase Journey

To make participation as flexible as possible, we offer our certification training on demand. This approach allows you to comfortably follow your online lessons from your computer at your workplace. Following the online training, we invite you to an online test. All successful graduates will then receive a certificate directly on that website

Training Courses

Take our online course – conveniently from your workplace.

Register to Partner Portal

Register as LG Energy Solution installation Partner at the portal.

Online Exam

Complete the certification test online and receive the certificate within minutes.

Please note:
The certification of the installer is a requirement to obtain the 10-year product warranty!

LG Energy Solution batteries should only be installed by certified professionals. For more details, please refer to our warranty conditions.

Installer Certification

Anyone buying a LG Energy Solution enblock storage for their home has a clear expectation: Namely, that the storage system just works. And that it helps to gain the maximum benefit from his or her own solar system over many years.

Ensure installation quality

We think that the installation of our products is simple and effortless. We have paid attention to this during development. Nevertheless, there are some points to consider. To ensure a high and consistent installation quality, we at LG Energy Solution have launched the Certification Program for our installation partners.

The added value of a certification

We offer all certified installers the free listing in our online installer search. You will be found by potential end customers and can win customers with the help of the certificate. The certificates can also be exhibited in your operating rooms, signaling your visitors that LG Energy Solution batteries are installed by well-trained professionals. In addition, our installation partners benefit from constant information on product innovations and exciting sales campaigns.

Installer Training Program

Product knowledge

Explore the functionalities of LG Energy Solution products and learn more about the company.

Installation tips

Gain comprehensive insights into the installation of LG Energy Solution products, covering optimal procedures and troubleshooting.

Monitoring & Commissioning

Learn how to easily register your storage systems online and monitor their performances with our apps.

Frequent questions regarding the certification

You still have questions?
We’ve summarized the most common questions below.

When you mention “RESU Gen2”, what does that mean2024-03-18T16:38:00+01:00

RESU Gen2 refers to the 2nd generation of our RESU products which we started to ship in 2017. It comprises RESU3.3, RESU6.5, RESU10, RESU13, RESU7H and RESU10H. RESU10M is NOT a RESU Gen2 product as it has been presented in 2019 and represents the 1st modular LG Energy Solution storage device.

I have received the certificate. How do I get my company to appear in the installer search?2024-03-18T16:38:28+01:00

There are two steps required for your business to appear as a certified installer:

If you are not yet registered as an LG Energy Solution Partner, please visit our Partner Portal and register with this form.

  1. It is important that you open the legal texts once by clicking on “view all” and scroll down to the end – this is the only way to “check off” the checkbox on the form by clicking on “Confirm”.
  2. A few days after receiving the certificate you will receive another mail with a “product number” for your certificate. You can register this number like a RESU product in the Partner Portal. After successful completion of this registration, your company will appear in the search.

The procedure is described in this document.

My certificate mentions certain products. Is it also valid for others, that are not mentioned?2024-03-18T16:36:31+01:00

The certificates issued so far relate exclusively to the 2nd generation RESU products mentioned in the certificate. For future product generations, we will offer a separate certification.

I am an installer and have passed the test but did not receive the certificate.2024-03-18T16:36:09+01:00

If all questions have been answered correctly, the certificate will arrive within 15 minutes. If this does not work, please check your SPAM folder for a message from the sender lgessemea@gmail.com. Maybe not all questions were answered correctly? Then just try again.

I am certified for RESU Gen2 and would like to install RESU10M. Do I have to start from scratch?2024-03-18T14:34:40+01:00

Of course not. There is a special RESU10M training for you. It just takes 15 minutes and the online exam is also very quick – we think it can be done in less than 30 minutes alltogether.

I do not know if my installer is certified. What about my warranty?2024-03-18T14:34:09+01:00
There is no reason to worry. Until April 2020, we granted the end customer warranty regardless of the installer’s certification. As of August 1, 2020, we require the installer of a RESU unit to be certified as a precondition for our warranty. You can find a list of certified installers here.
This applies to all RESU products.

LG Energy Solution Contacts

Contact persons at LG Energy Solution:

LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH
Otto-Volger-Str. 7 C
65843 Sulzbach (Taunus)

Michael Bruesewitz

Luigi Dell’Orto (Southern Europe)

Emre Kuyumcu DACH, Turkey


Asya Polidori, Southern EU; UK

Installer Care Program:

Angelantonio Pugliese Southern Eu

Kemal Aydogan DACH; Benelux, Turkey

Become a LG Energy Solution
Certified Installer

Become an LG Energy Solution
Certified Installer

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