LG Energy Solution FLEX Residential Storage System

LG FLEX is the elegant battery storage system for your PV system that can be flexibly mounted on the floor or wall. With efficient and long-lasting battery cells from LG Energy Solution.


Why LG FLEX Residential Storage System is your first choice

Flexible use-cases

Attach LG FLEX to the wall in up to 36 configurations or simply install it on the floor.

High compatibility

LG FLEX is compatible with hybrid inverters from leading manufacturers such as Fronius and KOSTAL, both 1-phase and 3-phase.

Modular expandable

LG FLEX offers up to 17.2 kWh storage capacity and 8.5 kW power, depending on the number of battery modules. These can be retrofitted.

Only FLEX is so flexible

  • Floor/wall: LG FLEX storage system can be mounted upright or suspended. As a fully equipped 17.2 kWh residential storage system, up to 36 configurations are possible in which the modules and protection unit can be suspended.

  • Modularly expandable: Individual battery modules can be easily added to expand the capacity, both for the wall-mounting and the floor-standing version.

  • Simple replacement: A faulty module can be easily replaced without affecting its functionality.

FLEX is compatible with popular inverters

  • High compatibility: The system can be combined with popular inverters such as the Fronius Symo or Primo GEN24 Plus, the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI, the GoodWe ET Hybrid series and the SMA Sunny Tripower Smart Energy.

  • 1- & 3-phase: The FLEX battery storage is compatible with 1- and 3-phase hybrid and storage inverters.

  • DC & AC: System operators can integrate the FLEX on the DC side with a new solar system to maximise system efficiency. Alternatively, existing systems can be retrofitted with a FLEX storage system on the AC side with little effort.

A Battery Storage System for residential and small C&I systems

  • Three versions: LG FLEX residential storage system has a modular design and is available in three standard sizes with a capacity of 8.6 kWh, 12.9 kWh or 17.2 kWh. Depending on the number of storage modules, LG FLEX achieves a peak output of between 5 and 11 kW.

  • C&I solution: For small C&I applications, two FLEX battery systems with a total of 34.4 kWh can be cascaded. Available from Q2 with selected inverters.

  • Highest safety standard: Our battery modules are certified to the world’s highest safety standard UL9540A.

LG Energy Solution FLEX

Modular storage-system

  • Monitoring via App

    Thanks to open interfaces, LG FLEX residential storage system can be conveniently monitored via the inverter’s monitoring app. A dedicated app from LG Energy Solution, RESU Monitor, is also available.

  • Safety is Key

    LG Energy Solution's advanced NMC cell technology is used millions of times in electric cars from all major manufacturers. The cells are produced under the strictest quality controls in our own highly automated factories.

  • Trust in LG Energy Solution’s Experience

    LG Energy Solution has been researching, developing and producing lithium-ion batteries for over 30 years. LG Energy Solution was one of the first companies in the world to mass produce batteries for electric cars. Today, LG is the second largest battery manufacturer in the world.

  • Your Direct Line to After-Sales via the new GECP Service Portal

    The new GECP service portal is available in the browser or as an app for iOS and Android devices. This means that tickets can be processed more quickly, status updates can be viewed at any time and various problems can sometimes be resolved directly at the customer’s premises.

Product Variant



Usable Energy (kWh)8.6 / 12.9 / 17.2
Communication InterfaceRS485, CAN
Enclosure Protection RatingIP55
Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)665.2 x 665.2 x 148.4 (per module) (without Design Cover, Bracket)
Weight (kg)Battery Protection Unit : 16.6 / Battery Module : 48.9 (without Design Cover, Bracket)
Compatible Inverters Fronius, SMA, Kostal, Goodwe



Who can install my PRIME Residential Storage System?

We work with a large number of certified installers in your area

Where can I buy LG Energy Solution products?

As an installer, you can buy our products from all major wholesalers in Europe.

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