Introducing SHH: High Voltage Inverter for Diverse Energy Needs

The SHH high voltage (HV) inverter is LG Energy Solution’s answer to the rising demand for efficient and robust home energy systems in Europe. Compatible with high voltage batteries, this inverter operates within an 80 to 495V range, delivering an impressive 5 to 6kW power output. The SHH is distinguished by its 3/4 MPPTs, ensuring optimal energy conversion efficiency. With a backup power capacity that peaks at 6000VA for 60 seconds, the SHH ensures your home is never without power. It also promises a quieter operation with less than 50dB noise emission and a solid 10-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • High voltage (360V) operation for powerful energy solutions
  • Up to 6kW power output to meet significant energy demands
  • 4 MPPTs for maximum energy conversion efficiency
  • Silent operation with less than 50dB noise emission
  • 10-year warranty, highlighting LG Energy Solution’s commitment to quality

Why the SHH Inverter is the Premier Choice for High Voltage Applications

Space-Efficient Power

Embrace the high energy capacity of the SHH inverter, designed to handle high voltage requirements within a compact, space-efficient unit that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Flexible Installation Options

The SHH inverter is optimal for flexibility, offering solutions for single-phase, catering to diverse electrical infrastructures and ensuring compatibility with a variety of home layouts.

High Voltage, High Efficiency

With its high voltage operation, the SHH inverter brings unique efficiency to your solar energy system, capable of supporting larger homes and more demanding energy needs.

SHH: High Voltage Integration Made Simple

  • Embodying simplicity and efficiency, the SHH inverter with high voltage capabilities is designed for straightforward plug-and-play functionality, ideal for modernizing existing PV and storage systems.

  • With the LGES PV Master app, the entire system can be commissioned with ease, providing real-time monitoring capabilities that ensure a seamless experience for installers and end-users alike.

  • Installation of the SHH is a breeze for professionals, while homeowners enjoy immediate insights into their solar energy production and usage. Expect upcoming features that will further simplify access to LG Energy Solution’s comprehensive technical support and services.

SHH: High Voltage, High Efficiency

  • The SHH inverter stands at the forefront of high voltage (HV) energy solutions, designed by LG Energy Solution to harmonize with the diverse and dynamic requirements of European living spaces.

  • This inverter brings a distinctive backup feature that pairs impeccably with LG Energy Solution’s high voltage LG PRIME storage systems, delivering unwavering reliability and efficiency.

  • The SHH inverter HV model is ideal for larger homes and advanced energy systems, providing robust power and seamless integration. It underscores LG Energy Solution’s dedication to innovative, efficient, and seamless solar energy experiences across a spectrum of applications.

High Voltage Harmony with LG PRIME Batteries

  • Perfectly Paired for Power
    The SHH inverter excels in high voltage environments, designed to effortlessly unite with the LG 10H Prime and 16H Prime batteries. This synergy provides a robust system capable of managing the energy needs of the most sophisticated homes.


  • Streamlined Efficiency
    Integration is key with the SHH, offering a seamless connection that brings the high-density energy storage of LG’s PRIME batteries into your home’s ecosystem.

  • A Future-Proof Investment
    Investing in the SHH means equipping your home with future-ready technology. As LG Energy Solution continues to innovate, features that enhance the interplay between the SHH inverter and PRIME batteries will become available, ensuring your system remains at the cutting edge of energy efficiency.



LG Energy Solution SHH

High-voltage 1-phase Inverter

  • User-Friendly Interface

    The hybrid inverters are equipped with an intuitive interface, making it simple for both installers and homeowners to operate. The system’s user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience.

  • Innovation Meets Efficiency

    LG Energy Solution's hybrid inverters integrate cutting-edge technology to maximize solar energy use. Their innovative design allows for optimal energy management and enhanced performance.

  • Reliable Performance

    With a robust construction and proven durability, these inverters provide a steadfast power solution. LG Energy Solution guarantees reliability, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind.

  • Support and Warranty

    Gain access to comprehensive support and benefit from a 10-year warranty. LG Energy Solution stands behind their products with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Variant

SHH050 / SHH060


Maximum AC Output Power (W)5000 / 6000
Maximum PV Input Power (W)7500 / 9750
Max. Input Current per MPPT (A)13
Number of MPPT3 / 4
Ingress Protection RatingIP65
Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)415 × 791 × 175
Weight (kg)28.8 / 32.3
Compatible Battery10H Prime / 16H Prime


Who can install my PRIME Residential Storage System?

We work with a large number of certified installers in your area

Where can I buy LG Energy Solution products?

As an installer, you can buy our products from all major wholesalers in Europe.

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