LG Gen2 Certification Training

Installer Training

Please note:
The certification of the installer is a requirement to obtain the product warranty!

RESU Prime Series units should only be installed by certified professionals. For more details, please refer to our warranty conditions.

Introduction to Certification

Welcome to the enblock Academy, our online learning platform. The courses we offer on this page will help our installation partners to acquire the knowledge required to pass the online certification test and eventually become a certified installer.

This is the page for the training to install our Gen2 products.

This training will provide you with:

  • To understand the installation process for LG Gen2 products
  • To access the certification test
  • Correctly setup the online monitoring function of LG Energy Solution's storage systems
  • To become a certified RESU installer

Training Structure

This course addresses all installers of LG Energy Solution's systems. The installation training explains sales arguments, helps to avoid pitfalls and prepares participants for the online exam.

LG Gen2 Certification Course

LG Energy Solution Contacts

Contact persons at LG Energy Solution:

LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH
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Dr. Michael Bruesewitz

+49 (0) 176 300 800 54 Bruesewitz@lgensol.com


Lukas Lambert
+49 (0) 173 5499 034

Installer Care Program:

Michael Gutwein

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