Powering European homes with solar energy for a better tomorrow.​

Create the optimal system for your home. Our unique line-up of sizes, capacities, and formats allows you to create the optimal system that meets your needs and provides the best value for your solar system.

Experience you can sense

As a long-established company, founded in 1947, we have the standards of quality, service and support you can rely on. LG products feature in many homes and have earnt the trust of millions of European customers..

Scalable system solutions
Highest quality and innovative products
compatibility with well-known brands
extended warranty & fast service

We believe in strong partnerships and broad compatibilities

All our products are compatible with a wide range of well-known manufacturers. Good partnerships are important to us to ensure that our customers can use their storage solution with their favored components.

Our principles embrace quality and reliability

We build innovative energy storage systems out of our firm belief in being an important part of the energy transition. Our conviction drives us to develop durable, efficient and future-oriented products of the highest quality, for which we offer a warranty of up to 10 years.

Choose the right system for your individual energy needs

Our Portfolio offers a wide range of products and capacities in a sleek design, suitable for any home. LG Home Batteries are known for compact design, high quality and durability over many years of use. Our developments are based on a modular design, that allow our customers the freedom to choose in the perfect  capacity for their residential solar storage system. We also ensure that our products fully comply with all relevant safety certifications.


Modular high-voltage storage
Capacity 8.6 - 17.2 kWh

enblock C12

Low-voltage storage
Capacity 13.1 kWh

enblock C Parallel Box

Cascading of two enblock C6.5 / C10 / C12 systems


Modular high voltage storage
Capacity 16 kWh

enblock C10

Low-voltage storage
Capacity 9.8 kWh

SLH Inverter

Low-voltage 1-phase Inverter


Modular high voltage storage
Capacity 10 kWh

enblock C6.5

Low-voltage storage
Capacity 6.5 kWh

SHH Inverter

High-voltage 1-phase Inverter
Invest wisely
Use your stored energy at night to reduce or abolish electricity bills, you can even sell excess energy back to the grid in reward for credits on your power bill
Blackout ready
Power through inconvenient blackout. Be prepared with your own source of power and keep your home and family safe.
Scalable system solution
Power your life with free energy from the sun and make the future a brighter place.

We value expertise

For the installation and commissioning of our products, we work exclusively with certified installation partners. They have the necessary training & experience, have undergone product-specific trainings and know every detail.

We provide transparency

We make it as easy as possible for you: all our product documentation, certificates, manuals, compatibility lists and any other document you might need for installation, subsidy application or maintenance are publicly available on our website.

Join our LG Partner Program

Our Partner Program is designed to provide you support in sales, marketing and technical support. We make sure that you are trained well, to ensure a quick installation and perfect result while installing our product. As a valued member of our program, you will have access to a wide range of benefits and resources to help you grow your business and succeed in the industry.

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