LG Energy Solution RESU storage installer rebate program

Attractive discounts: How the points programme for RESU installers works

LG Energy Solution offers attractive discounts to installers of RESU storage systems. These are awarded through a points program.

In this article we describe how the program works and how you as an installer can get to the valuable points.

The serial number is the key

It is important that the serial number is recorded during installation. This serial number is required to register the LG Energy Solution RESU battery at

The serial number can be found behind the cover of the RESU7H and RESU10H high-voltage batteries. For the low-voltage units RESU3.3, RESU6.5, RESU10 and RESU13, this number is located on the side of the housing. And on the RESU10M, the latest modular high voltage model, this number is also attached to the side, as shown below:

By the way, entering the serial number is not only helpful for product registration – even possible service cases can be reported much easier this way.

Registration as an installer

To record the points, you must first register your installation company with LG Energy Solution. This is done on this page.

In this short video you can see how easy it is to register as an installer:

Acquisition of the installed RESU batteries

Once your company has been registered, you can log on to the portal as an installer and then register “your” RESU systems under “My Page”. This is very simple and straightforward:

The point values of the different RESU systems

The different RESU storage systems also have different “point values”:

Battery Model Point Value

Under “My Page” you have the possibility to view the sum of your acquired points at any time.

But we also show potential customers in the installer finder that you have already gained extensive experience with our RESU products.

The voucher: Converts points into discounts

As soon as enough points are available for a voucher, it can also be requested via the portal. This also happens again under the menu item “my page”.

Here you can see how easy it is:

LG Energy Solution sends these vouchers with a certain time interval, as we produce them manually. Please be patient with us for up to a week – we check the system every week. We promise.

After a few days you will receive a voucher from us by e-mail.

LG Energy Solution RESU Gutschein
LG Energy Solution RESU Voucher

This voucher can be used at any of the participating wholesalers to receive a credit note. Your wholesaler will deduct the value of the voucher from the invoice amount of your next RESU storage system.

Participating distributors

You can find an overview of the participating wholesalers in our distributor overview. We have marked the voucher partners there with this symbol.

Attention: Please note that the voucher has to be handed over to your distributor already when buying the device. Otherwise he will not know about your voucher and cannot discount your product. Once you have taken delivery of the device and paid for it, it is no longer possible to take the device into account if the RESU unit has already been received!

However, you can then of course use the voucher to purchase another RESU battery.

Observe validity period

The vouchers sent by LG Energy Solution have a validity period of 180 days. So you should not apply for the voucher until you know that you actually want to use it within the next six months.


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Stefan Krokowski

Stefan Krokowski

Stefan is responsible for RESU sales in EMEA. He focuses on renewable energies since 2006 and digs into storage technologies since 2013.

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