LG Energy Solution RESU Top Installer Event 2019

Awarded: LG Energy Solution “Top RESU Installer 2019” at the Wartburg

On January 30, 2020, the most successful RESU installers of the year 2019 were awarded at the Wartburg in Eisenach. In historical surroundings the participants informed themselves about the market and technical developments.

The Wartburg

In May 1521, Martin Luther was declared a heretic and sentenced to an imperial ban (German:”Reichsacht”). The imperial ban (German: Reichsacht) was a form of outlawry in the Holy Roman Empire. Few days before the ban, Luther was arrested by “his” Elector Friedrich III. for his protection at the Wartburg. He spent almost 10 months in a simple writing room and translated the Bible into the German language. His work made a huge impact, as we know today.

Historical backdrop for a topic of the future

498 winters later, the RESU sales team of LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH chose the historic building for a day as an environment for dealing with a less religious issue – but one that also has a great impact: The most successful RESU Storage Installers of 2019 gathered at Wartburg Castle on January 30th, 2020 for the presentation of the “Top Installer” awards. The weather of the year 1522 is not known; the celebration of the installers took place in extremely mild weather.

The journey was easy and also the stay was surely much more comfortable than at that time. The romantic hotel on the Wartburg offered an appealing and stylish environment. The future has also already found its way into the castle courtyard in the form of several electric charging points: Electric vehicle owners therefore had the pleasure of being able to park directly in front of the conference room – while all other participants could park their vehicles underneath the castle.

In the establishment, the installers were first given the opportunity to fortify themselves with all sorts of delicacies before discussing the market and its challenges together. In a relaxed atmosphere, all participants were able to inform themselves about technical developments and future products. Also considerations on how the cooperation between LG Energy Solution as the manufacturer of the RESU storage systems and the installation partners could be improved were identified.

Exclusive guided tour of the castle

After the last tourists had left the castle, the castle – which was designated a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 1999 – was finally explored. During a 90 minutes tour a lot was learnt and seen: From the foundation of the castle, its many famous inhabitants and about its current uses.

Honouring the top installers

In the evening the trophies were presented in a small ceremony. Each participant also received a value voucher which can be used to purchase a RESU product at a reduced price within the LG Energy Solution “RESU Points Program”.

The prizewinners

This year’s prize winners were eight German installers and the most successful Italian company.

  1. Kühn Solar, Horneburg
  2. S.P.L. ENERGETICA S.R.L., Erbusco (IT)
  3. EBITSCHenergietechnik GmbH, Zapfendorf
  4. Gexx aeroSol GmbH, Wildau
  5. Solarzentrum Mittelhessen GmbH, Breidenbach-Oberdieten
  6. Chalupa Solartechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Schöntal-Bieringen
  7. GEBA SEE GMBH, Überlingen
  8. Josef Schmitz Elektrotechnik, Wirges
  9. Elektrotechnik Schmidt, Creussen


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Stefan Krokowski

Stefan Krokowski

Stefan is responsible for RESU sales in EMEA. He focuses on renewable energies since 2006 and digs into storage technologies since 2013.

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