Circular economy of batteries – LG Energy Solution is a pioneer

The circular economy is one of the crucial factors on the way to achieving climate neutrality: waste and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through recycling and reuse of materials. The concept has long played an important role in the energy industry, especially in the area of battery cell production.

Battery storage: an important building block for more energy security and energy resilience

Battery storage increases energy security and energy resilience. LG Energy Solution provides the right solutions.

More than ever, today’s energy systems need to withstand geopolitical developments, sudden changes in supply and demand trends, and all other conditions that affect energy markets. They must also cope with extreme weather events, which are becoming more frequent and more intense because of climate change. That is why it is becoming even more important in the energy sector to identify risks at an early stage and to be able to adapt flexibly to new conditions and circumstances.

Photovoltaic system and heat pump: Use solar energy flexibly with the RESU FLEX home storage system

Home storage is trendy. That´s because they make sustainably generated energy usable when it is needed. This protects resources and the wallet: If you have a photovoltaic system and store energy during the hours of sunshine, you can still use it in the evening or morning hours. For example, for a heat pump. It is the perfect addition to the sustainable duo of home storage and photovoltaic system. The heat pump does not use the conventional raw materials oil and gas, which are becoming more expensive and scarce. Instead, it gets around 75 percent of its energy from the immediate environment. Only the remaining 25 percent is electricity. If this is fed via a photovoltaic system from solar energy, homeowners can generate their heat even more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Towards a sustainable future

LG Energy Solution aims to become an ecological company, with priority on the environment. Here are some of our actions for a sustainable future.