New features, more power: First RESU16H Prime field test installation in Europe

After several years of development work, LG Energy Solution starts the first test installations of the innovative RESU16H Prime modular high-voltage battery.

The preparatory work was extensive – on a gray Tuesday morning in March, the time had finally come: the first installation of a RESU Prime storage system was tackled in Gotha, Thuringia, together with installation partner maxx solar and inverter manufacturer SolarEdge.

Extensive testing for smooth installation

Such tests are carried out before the start of free sales in order to identify corners and edges on the product or in the installation process that were overlooked during the development phase and to rectify them in time. By doing so, SolarEdge and LG Energy Solution ensure that subsequent installations can run smoothly.

Exciting innovations on test

There was plenty to test with LG Energy Solution’s new home storage system. The RESU16H Prime is not only the first modular RESU high-voltage battery that can be combined with the popular SolarEdge inverters. The unit also includes, for the first time, an internet-enabled control unit. This allows the owner of the system and – if given the appropriate rights – the installer as well, to obtain information about the operating status of the battery at any time. In addition, this so-called “RESU Monitor” facilitates future software updates. In this way, the already installed system can still benefit from the further development work of the manufacturer LG Energy Solution.

The best conditions

High-performance modules from a Korean quality manufacturer were already installed on the Urban family’s garage roof. Now the task was to make the energy generated on the roof usable in the family’s home. For this purpose, a Solaredge SE5000H inverter was installed with the new RESU16H Prime residential battery system.

Trouble free installation

The installation of the RESU16H Prime home storage system in combination with the proven Solaredge SE5000H inverter went without surprises. Thanks to the modular design, the home battery was quickly installed in the basement despite its high capacity. The inverter installation was pure routine, as the experts at maxx solar have been using the model for a long time. And to avoid any pitfalls during the installation of the RESU monitor, a Korean colleague had joined the team in Gotha, who was in contact with the developers via a video conference. In the end, their help was not required – but this made it possible for the development team to be there live despite the great distance.

Release after completion of the test phase

The experts from SolarEdge and LG Energy Solution will now observe the installed system for several weeks and put the products through their paces. Once this test is completed, the general sales release will be issued and the products already available in European warehouses can be delivered to installers by the distributors.


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Stefan Krokowski

Stefan Krokowski

Stefan is responsible for RESU sales in EMEA. He focuses on renewable energies since 2006 and digs into storage technologies since 2013.

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