LG Energy Solution at Genera 2023.

LG Energy Solution exhibits products at Genera 2023 in Madrid for the first time

LGES joined the International Energy and Environment Trade Fair in Spain and presented its home storage solutions.

For the first time, LG Energy Solution participated in Genera, Spain’s largest energy trade show held on February 21-23. Hosted annually in Madrid, Genera brings together industry professionals, companies, and various institutions from Spain and around the world to showcase the latest innovations in the energy and environment sector. With the growing importance of the public sector’s role in global clean energy transition, Spain’s Energy Secretary Sara Aagesen Muñoz and Minister for the Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera were among thousands of people who paid a visit to Genera 2023.

Soaring demand for solar products draw unprecedented number of visitors

Genera has grown significantly over the years and is now one of the most recognized fairs among relevant industries in Europe. The industry fair was especially remarkable this year, attracting an unprecedented 35,000 visitors, 76% higher than the 2022 figure.

The huge success of this year’s fair can be attributed to the recent rise in solar demand across Europe. The Genera organizer IFEMA’s analysis on the 2023 visitor profile shows that 31.88% of the visitors showed interest in solar energy, the highest percentage by sector, followed by 13.46% in wind and 6.29% in biomass. Moreover, experts project that Spain will deploy 11.4 GW of new PV installations in 2023, the second largest in Europe after Germany’s 11.8 GW.

New LGES Home Series for ESS draws installer attention at Genera 2023

While visiting our exhibition booth at Genera, installers showed a particular interest in our new inverter of LGES for our storage systems (ESS) as they stopped by to inspect the product closely and inquire about specification details. Scheduled to launch in the first half of 2023, the integrated solution combines high voltage (RESU16H Prime / RESU10H Prime) or low voltage (RESU10 / RESU12) home batteries with our new inverters.

LG Energy Solution home storage systems in the focus of interest.
LG Energy Solution home storage systems in the focus of interest.

The various LG Energy Solution home storage systems were the focus of interest.

With significantly easier installation and extensive expansion options, we expect that the new solution will resolve common pain points of homeowners and installers. For homeowners in particular, using both the battery and the inverter from LGES means a far more streamlined technical and service support for the whole package all at once. Moreover, LGES will be providing 10 years of warranty for both the battery and the inverter.

Visitors inspecting LG Energy Solution’s new residential energy storage system.

With the solar industry’s growing interest in our latest innovations and solutions, LGES has been active in reaching out to key business partners, including installers and distributors, through fairs held across Europe. Building upon our presence at InterSolution 2023 in Belgium with our premium home battery storage system FLEX, and at Genera with the new all-in-one ESS, we will also participate in Italy’s Energy Transition Expo K.EY later this month.

Energy efficiency and the growing importance of a new recycling ecosystem

One of the central themes of Genera 2023 was energy efficiency, a critical topic for reducing energy consumption, lowering costs, and cutting down on emissions. Numerous exhibitors showcased the latest technologies and solutions for buildings, appliances and lighting systems that are more energy efficient than traditional models. In addition, Genera 2023 addressed waste management, water treatment and air quality: a theme that also calls for new solutions, as well as the recovery of valuable raw materials used in all types of manufacturing.

In the area of recovering the valuable raw materials, LGES is currently on the road to establishing a global ecosystem where its lithium-ion battery scraps are sold to recyclers to be processed, rebirthed, and used in the production of key battery materials. Our manufacturing sites in Europe, North America, as well as Korea are taking action to operate under this new ecosystem by 2025.

Successful Genera 2023 for Team LG Energy Solution
For Team LG Energy Solution, Genera 2023 was a complete success.


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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