Thomas Trescher welcomes the Gexx Aerosol installation team

More sustainability with our own power plant

Anke Hüncher and Thomas Trescher have chosen a RESU10M storage solution from LG Energy Solution. We observed the installation by LG Energy Solution partner Gexx aeroSol

In the context of the energy transition, more and more homeowners in Germany are interested in a self-sufficient and sustainable form of electricity generation. After the costs for electricity have more than doubled in the last twenty years according to a survey by the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management – with an index value from 81 in 2000 to 177 index points in 2019 – more and more home builders are considering themselves, regardless of becoming an electricity provider. After all, electricity prices in Germany are the second highest after Italy. Anke Hüncher and Thomas Trescher have equipped their home in Neuenhagen near Berlin with a photovoltaic system. They decided to install a LG Energy Solution RESU10M battery system, the most compact high voltage battery on the market.

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Compact dimensions

The battery is characterized by its modular design and is the new addition to the LG-Chem RESU family. It consists of three components, two of which are battery modules and a control unit, which LG Energy Solution calls the “Battery Protection Unit”. These three components can be interconnected by means of a connector system. It is also characterized by its compact dimensions and light weight. With its 452 x 511 x 240 milimeters’ dimension, it fits into even the smallest technical or utility room. In addition, the battery with 9.8kilowatt hours is sufficiently dimensioned for a private home and, thanks to the IP55 certification of its aluminum housing, can also be installed in a somewhat damp environment – after all, a washing machine or tumble dryer that provides a little steam is often found in utility rooms. It can be installed on the floor or on the wall. The energy storage system is compatible with the battery inverter SMA Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 and can be accessed via CAN 2.0 B.
The RESU10M is a robust power storage unit, so the manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty. In contrast to lead batteries or lead-gel batteries, lithium-ion batteries such as the RESU10M last longer.

Easy installation

After the photovoltaic system was installed, the second step was to install the battery and set it up for the entire system. For this purpose, it was installed together with the battery inverter SMA Sunny Boy 3.7. The time required for the entire electrical installation was only less than two hours. Afterwards, the GEXX aeroSol specialist completed the configuration of the system.

Self-sufficiency is important

Once installed, nothing stands in the way of your own, self-sufficient power generation. Thomas Trescher, one of the landlords, emphasized that this self-sufficiency is very important to him. Although the efficiency of the form factor itself gives is very attractive, the fact that you could use your own generated energy is more fascinating. As the RESU10M is also capable of emergency power supply, in the event of a power failure in the public grid, it can be switched immediately to its own resources. While the neighbours stay dark, Trescher/Hüncher’s house is always brightly lit. Also in view of the expensive electricity prices in Germany, it is important to Trescher to have a cheap and at the same time green alternative of energy supply.

A little extra income

But this independence is not the only advantage offered by a photovoltaic system with a local electricity storage. If more electricity is generated than is consumed, this electricity is first fed into the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the excess energy is fed into the public grid. The electricity is metered, and the owners of the house can look forward to a payment from the energy provider. They are thus, so to speak, power plant operators in secondary income. They follow the general trend. Whereas the cumulative capacity of photovoltaic systems in Germany in 2010 was only 18,006 megawatt peak, by 2018 45,277 megawatt peak had already been achieved.

Already proven

Anke Hüncher and Thomas Trescher are not taking any risks with their RESU10M. They decided to purchase the LG home battery based on recommendations from their circle of friends. The device has thus already proven its suitability for everyday use and convinced its users. A battery should therefore be an integral part of a photovoltaic system, so that homeowners can become even more self-sufficient and independent of their electricity suppliers.

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