LG RESU 10M modular home battery

Brand-new: The most compact High-Voltage Home Battery, RESU10M

LG Energy Solution's new RESU10M: Modular and compact. Have a look at the new generation!

In Autumn, 2019, LG Energy Solution is unveiling a brand-new home storage product to the European market. The new residential battery unit named “RESU10M” will introduce a fresh experience to installers and to end-customers with diverse new features.

Installation Video RESU10M Floor Mount

Modular Battery

RESU10M is composed of three main parts in its structure, two modules and one BPU (Battery Protection Unit). First of all, one battery module weighs 36kg, which is much lighter than the previous models where all the components are in a single body. Therefore, it enables installers to carry and handle it much easier. Second, the BPU part just weighs 8kg. Even when all three part are combined as a pack, it reaches just 80kg in weight. As a result, the modular structure will reduce the installer’s effort as carrying and placing it on the spot. In conclusion, it will save labor cost by cutting down number of workers and by shortening the duration of installation time.

Converterless and Energy Efficient

This small storage is compatible with SMA SBS3.7, the only inverter currently coupled with the RESU10M HV battery. But, RESU10M has a different feature compared to it’s High Voltage siblings. That is the absence of a DC/DC converter inside of the pack. In short, the BPU inside RESU10M directly communicates with the inverter more like the way LV models do.

DC/DC converters have been regarded as an essential component between battery cell part and inverter for increasing voltage level required by inverter side. However, RESU10M meets the voltage requirement by the re-arrangement of unit cells in series. In result, removing the voltage boosting device has brought us lightness, compactness, and energy efficiency. As well-known to the industry, electricity has a tendency to loose energy whenever converted in electrical characteristics. Therefore, by omitting two steps, charging and discharging, over DC/DC converter, more energy can be preserved as one transition has been made redundant in this setup.

Five Reasons to consider RESU10M

First, thanks to the modular structure, it makes the service task much easier, because battery module part and BPU can be replaced independently. Our customer service experience shows that battery cell failures are very rare. Problems are most likely to affect the electronic components. And the new design allows to replace the BPU with all electronic components inside within a few minutes.

Second, eliminating the need for a DC/DC converter ensures that RESU10M has an extremenly low stand-by energy consumption. Furthermore, it frees the product from the risk of potential noise developments which might occasionally be a side-effect of the usage of DC/DC converters.

Third, the pre-existing RESU HV models had to be wall mounted. In contrast, RESU10M offers more flexibility as it can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor according to the environment and customer’s preference.

Fourth, this new product is as small as RESU10, one of RESU LV family members having the same capacity, so as to be installed the narrower and smaller space. This is especially important if the available space in house thechnology rooms is very limited or used by other components. In fact, RESU10M is the most compact home storage battery system in the whole market.

At last, the color of the battery body is white unlike the other RESU batteries’, silver, allowing more harmonized color selection with European white wall environments in many households.

LG Energy Solution is excited to introduce this innovative, neat and practical home storage to the European market. Read a report about the very first RESU10M installation in Europe here.


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Ryan Changlae Cho

Ryan Changlae Cho

Sales Manager Residential ESS LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH

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