If you have technical questions about a RESU storage system or need assistance with the installation, we are happy to support you:

You can reach us Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm by phone or by email at the contact details below.

Please first check if your question can be answered using the installation guide for your product or the troubleshooting checklist:

Required Information To Process Your Service Case

If there are technical problems with a RESU system, please have the following information at hand:

  • Model and serial number of the Resu memory
  • Brand and model of the inverter that is connected to the RESU system
  • Error description and error code displayed by the inverter
  • Installation date of the storage system
  • State of charge (SOC or SOE) of the RESU

They help us a lot if you take pictures of the wiring of the connection area at the inverter as well as the RESU system and provide them to us.

You can speed up the processing time by filling in the service form below and filing in the form with us when you first report the problem. Please make a note of the ticket number for further communication with our service.

Firmware update

For high-voltage systems, an update of the firmware usually takes place via the inverter. In case updating your high-voltage storage is not possible in this way, on on-site visit of one of our service technicians is required.

Information on updating the firmware through the inverter can be found on the homepage of the inverter manufacturer.

Currently, the inverters from the following manufacturers support updating the firmware with selected RESU high-voltage systems:


For the 2nd (current) generation of low-voltage storage devices, the firmware can be updated by uploading the file to an SD memory card and inserting the card directly on the device. The exact procedure can be found in the manual for your RESU product.


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