The new RESU storage generation: Innovative technology for more power and sustainability

Only recently, the LG Energy Solution storage business was spun off from the LG Chem Group. Now, after a development phase of several years, the company presents the next generation of its RESU storage systems.

The new RESU products are based on newly developed JH5 battery cells, which can be packed much more densely than in previous products. As a result, the new storage systems have a much higher output of up to seven kilowatts and, at up to 16 kilowatt hours, also exceed the capacity of all previous models.

Fair raw material mining

With a 37 percent lower proportion of cobalt, the new RESU generation is also very progressive in terms of sustainability. For several years now, LG Energy Solutions has been focusing on acquiring the raw materials for battery production only from suppliers who can guarantee fair production conditions.

Security and independence through energy self-sufficiency

The new LG RESU Prime series has been developed to provide consumers with new freedoms through energy self-sufficiency with its pioneering battery performance level. In times of the ongoing global pandemic situation, in which many people are confronted with increasing electricity consumption in their private homes due to home office regulations and at the same time with rising electricity costs, especially in Germany, the idea of becoming self-sufficient in the energy sector is experiencing new momentum.  With the increasing dependence on functioning internet connections, the thought of what an unexpected power cut would mean for one’s everyday life is also emerging. And that fluctuating energy emergencies are no exception in Germany either is shown by the power plant fire in Nuremberg at the end of January 2021 – with 15,000 people having to endure freezing cold.

Modular design update for experts and beginners

The new generation of LG RESU batteries is particularly characterised by its innovative modular design. This not only significantly simplifies transport, but also handling and installation, as well as on-site maintenance. Of course, LG Energy Solutions continues to work closely with the world’s leading inverter manufacturers on these RESU products to make installation as straightforward as possible for homeowners with both newly applied and existing solar systems. Compared to the previous models, both home storage units have a 9 percent higher energy content and their efficiency has increased by 5.8 percent to well over 90 percent.

Users can choose between two RESU Prime models in different sizes:

  • With the LG RESU16H Prime, they now have the industry’s largest home storage unit – it has enough capacity to effectively power an entire home. RESU16H Prime is a powerful home backup solution. With the world’s highest capacity in a single package, it offers 16kWh of usable energy.

  • The model LG RESU10H Prime is a first-time home storage solution that is specifically targeted at solar energy beginners. The capacity of 9.6kWh of usable energy available via this model guarantees a reliable supply for the home both at peak times and in emergencies.

Both batteries can be cascaded in combination with another unit of the same power and size class. This means that the RESU16H Prime can be scaled up to 32kWh with twice the power of 14kW and the RESU10H Prime can be scaled up to 19.2kWh with twice the power of 10kW. The new storage generation no longer works exclusively with only one communication protocol, but now supports two (RS485 and CAN) – with the previous models it was still “either or”. For installers, this means that they no longer have to pay attention to which hardware variant is used. The RESU Prime models will be compatible with models from SolarEdge, SMA, Sungrow and GoodWe.

Modern equipment with app support

With regard to the design, the modular structure already known from previous models has been considerably further developed. In order to make the new storage generation fit for the future, the developers at LG Energy Solutions have incorporated feedback from installers and users around the world into the model concepts. For example, the equipment also includes an app for registering and commissioning the new RESU home storage units, which can also be used to activate the warranty for the device. The installer tells the app where he is installing a device. He then scans a QR code and completes the registration for the user. LG Energy Solutions can also perform software updates via the app. Another new feature is the RESU monitoring function, a remote monitoring system that allows the installer and the user to remotely monitor the battery status in real time. It also enables installers to proactively diagnose problems via an app.

In addition to the battery modules, the LG RESU Prime home storage units also have a control unit – a “brain” centre with the BMS (battery management system), which serves as a universal measuring, monitoring and control system for the energy storage unit. All the electronics are installed in this head unit to facilitate replacement in the event of any faults. In terms of weight, the individual battery modules of the storage unit weigh 41 kg each for the 10H model and 65 kg for the 16H model. The control unit and the required base plate weigh an additional 30 kg. The new systems have protection class IP55 and can thus be installed outside the house without any problems, for example in the garage. However, the outside temperature of the chosen installation location must not fall below -10 degrees, otherwise the automatic battery management system could fail (which would then have to be switched on again manually).

Innovative hybrid design: LG RESU Flex

Along with the LG RESU Prime product line, LG Energy Solution also debuted its new LG RESU FLEX concept design in December 2020 – a trend-setting innovation for the home storage sector that features easy installation and scalability. RESU FLEX is an extremely flexible hybrid product that allows the free arrangement of battery units in different geometric ways to build a battery system that delivers a customised capacity with a customised design. The FLEX series is designed to be composed of even smaller battery cells than those of the JH5 technology, does not require a converter and will be compatible with hybrid inverters of brands such as Kostal or Fronius. More information about the new RESU Prime home storage and the RESU Flex series is available at Here you will also find information on availability at specialist retailers.

Additional Information

More documents, pictures, videos and manuals about the new RESU Prime home storage and the RESU Flex series can be found in the download section: Downloads. Here you can also find information about our wholesale distribution partners: RESU Distribution Partners.

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Stefan Krokowski

Stefan Krokowski

Stefan is responsible for RESU sales in EMEA. He focuses on renewable energies since 2006 and digs into storage technologies since 2013.

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