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Why the Dörr family decided to buy a compact RESU10M solar battery

In idyllic Ingelfingen, Europe's first RESU10M storage system was installed. The installation of the world's most compact high-voltage energy storage system by LG Energy Solution partner Andreas Chalupa was professional and smooth.

The use of renewable energy is nothing new to the Dörr family: For a long time, the couple has been using wood from their own properties to heat their home. Especially for this purpose, the spouses have built a small house just behind the terrace for the storage of their precious wood supplies.

Regional provider with good customer consultation

So it was an obvious idea to generate electricity for the family on the roofs of this building. The Dörr family relies on regional suppliers with an excellent reputation. This fitted well with LG Energy Solution’s premium partner installer company owned by Andreas Chalupa. Not only because he was able to convince with sound advice – the reputation to deliver good work, precedes him in the region. So Mr. Chalupa was thus tasked to help the Dörrs to achieve more independence.

From the beginning, it was clear to the Dörr family that in addition to a solar system, there was also an energy storage system required in their house. After a detailed consultation by Mr. Andreas Chalupa the decision was made to build a 10 kWp solar system with quality modules of Korean origin on the east-west roof of the “woodshed”. The direct current of the modules is converted into alternating current by an 8 kW Sunny Tripower inverter from SMA.

After careful consideration, the storage system chosen was a combination of a SMA SunnyBoy Storage 3.7 with a RESU10M from LG Energy Solution. Both components with proven technology and yet very innovative – as the energy storage system has recently been introduced to the market.

The most compact storage system worldwide

The storage inverter SMA Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 charges and discharges the battery with 3.7 kW. However, the real novelty on this day was the battery system: Despite its small dimensions of 45 cm x 51 cm x 24 cm, the RESU10M packs a usable capacity of 9.3 kWh into its volume of just 55.4 liters. This makes the RESU10M the most compact high-voltage battery on the market – worldwide. The overall system combines proven technology with innovative features such as modular battery design, good expandability and the ability to connect multiple storage systems to the inverter.

Due to the good relationship with the manufacturer LG Energy Solution, the installation on Nov 21st became a very special event: LG Energy Solution delivers the first units to particularly experienced installers. And as part of this “early adopter program” Mr. Chalupa’s energy solution company received the first RESU10M ever to be installed in Europe.

To accompany the installation, 2 LG Energy Solution colleagues from the European sales office in Sulzbach near Frankfurt made their way to Ingelfingen: Changlae Cho and Stefan Krokowski did not want to miss this event.

Smooth installation through good preparation

They arrived just in time to see the apprentice Lucas carrying the storage from the assembly vehicle to the utility room. Due to the weight of only 36kg per module, this is much easier compared to the established models of the manufacturer. There is also an electronic unit, which is screwed as a “hood” on the two modules and with 8 kg is not particularly heavy.

The diligent installation team had prepared themselves well – the master electrician Jürgen and his colleague Felix had previously seen the 5-minute installation video and had prepared all the necessary tools.

Thus, the installation could quickly be completed in about 60 minutes. And there was also some time to exchange views on the market and to discuss the Dörr family’s plans on a potential system expansion.

So the colleagues of LG Energy Solution learned that the Dörrs consider to purchase an electric car in the mid-term future. In this case, the simple expandability of the system would then come into play: the increased storage capacity could buffer a good portion of the energy needed for the family’s mobility.

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Stefan Krokowski

Stefan Krokowski

Stefan is responsible for RESU sales in EMEA. He focuses on renewable energies since 2006 and digs into storage technologies since 2013.

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