The topic of energy self-sufficiency is more relevant than ever. Home storage systems pave the way to greater independence from external energy supplies. For example, RESU FLEX from LG Energy Solution: Those who generate solar energy can store it using the high-voltage battery systems and use it at a later point in time. Requirement: an inverter that converts direct current into alternating current, with which household appliances, including air conditioners, heat pumps, ventilation systems and systems for drinking water treatment can be operated. How does electricity storage for solar systems work in practice? Product managers and users report.

The increase in energy prices, the dependence on energy suppliers and the sustainable use of resources are the reasons for a photovoltaic system. The catch: If the energy generated is not used immediately, it flows back into the power grid. This is particularly annoying because the sun shines mostly when nobody is at home. The household appliances are then out of operation. This also has financial disadvantages. Because the use of energy for one’s own use is more lucrative than the remuneration that the power producers receive if they feed excess energy back into the power grid. The solution: electricity storage for solar systems. They store the energy generated until it is actually needed – mainly in the morning and evening hours.

RESU FLEX now compatible with SMA Sunny Boy Storage

The Sunny Boy Storage inverter from SMA Solar Technology has recently become compatible with RESU FLEX. It is also particularly easy to use: it is commissioned via an integrated web interface using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. “We are pleased that the installers can now launch a real power tandem with Sunny Boy Storage and RESU FLEX. The inverter is equipped with three battery connections, so even larger storage systems can be easily implemented and flexibly expanded,” explains SMA Product Manager Lisa Spangenberg.

The Sunny Boy Storage has an integrated emergency power function as standard and can optionally be expanded with a backup box to create a backup power system. For a reliable power supply even in the event of a power failure. In addition, the free inverter monitoring SMA Smart Connected enables quick help in the event of a service. It detects errors early and reports them automatically to the installer.

Compatibility with powerful inverters from innovative manufacturers is another factor in favor of installing a RESU FLEX home storage system. Added to this are its high performance, easy handling, and high functionality.

RESU FLEX and SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverter for solar energy
RESU FLEX and the SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverter are a real power tandem
RESU FLEX and SMA Sunny Boy Storage: Powerful duo for solar energy
SMA Product Manager Lisa Spangenberg and RESU installation team 

Demand on home battery systems constantly on the rise

“Due to the rising energy prices and other current circumstances, we’re witnessing a much greater number of home battery installations here in Germany especially last year,” explains Sven Illing at Haug Solar- & Elektrotechnik GmbH that led the test installation of LG Energy Solution’s RESU FLEX and SMA inverter in Nordheim. “New test installations like this one not only strengthens our technical capabilities as an installer, but also provides new business opportunities with more products in the market becoming compatible with each other.”

Indeed, a recent European market research estimated that about 220,000 new residential storage systems were installed in Germany alone in 2022, more than double the 2021 figure.

Convenient monitoring of battery operation on RESU Monitor app

Once fully installed and connected to a compatible inverter, the RESU Monitor app helps the RESU FLEX users on battery operation. The app provides a comprehensive insight into the current charging status of the power storage unit. Both commissioning and regular updates can be conveniently carried out using a smartphone or tablet. LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH’s Marketing Manager Lukas Lambert highlights the advantages for the users who can check the important data whenever they want: “The app gives RESU FLEX users a very good overview of the percentage of the home storage system that is

charged. Anyone can easily read the exact level of self-sufficiency and optimize consumption even more consistently.”

App provides insight into energy data from RESU FLEX
Owners can monitor the system condition, perform system-relevant updates and manage warranty-related information via the RESU Monitor app.

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