According to a survey conducted by Statista in the summer of 2023, 31 percent of Germans say that companies are responsible for solving global environmental problems. At the same time, consumers are placing more and more importance on sustainability when buying new products. The most important aspects that consumers take into account are the avoidance of plastic, the use of recycled or natural materials and resource-saving production (source: Statista). As a global company, LG Energy Solution is aware of its responsibility. We want to support the change towards efficient energy storage with sustainable products. Therefore, LG Energy Solution has joined two important initiatives – because together we can reach our goal faster.

The LG Energy Solution way

LG Energy Solution is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Its batteries are used in important areas of society – these include electromobility and the storage of sustainably generated energy. The company has set itself the goal of increasing its annual production capacity to 540 GWh by 2025. With its “Road to 540 GWh” mission in order to drive forward the electrification of society as quickly as possible. Batteries are to be produced as sustainably as possible. Among other things, LG Energy Solution relies on regional production sites to shorten supply routes and diversified supply chains. The raw material supply chains are owned by our company to guarantee sustainable and responsible resources.

Focused on sustainability interest

These measures enable LG Energy Solution not only to build a resilient and sustainable supply chain, but also to increasingly meet the interests of consumers. The company has therefore joined the Battery Pass consortium project. Together with a number of partners from industry and research, we want to set new industry standards. As an open source project, the Battery Pass serves to seamlessly record the battery life cycle – from production through the use phase to reuse and recycling. The goal is to promote the sustainable and circular management of batteries. The battery passport contains all important technical data. It also includes data on the sustainability and responsibility of the entire supply chain. This will give consumers a better understanding of the carbon footprint, working conditions in raw material extraction. They can also check the battery condition, recyclability and repair options for their batteries and residential storage system.

Increased sustainability during production

There is still further potential for optimization to make production sites as well as our everyday lives more sustainable. This includes the use of renewable energy. The demand for sustainable electricity is increasing among companies. LG Energy Solution plans to supply 60 percent of its production with energy from renewable sources by 2025 and 100 percent by 2030. Our participation in the Climate Group R100 was therefore a logical next step. The R100 initiative is a global movement that brings together major companies from industries such as pharmaceuticals, technology or fashion. These companies have committed to meeting 100 percent of their energy needs from renewable sources and accelerating the transition to carbon-free electricity grids. The initiative actively supports companies in sourcing renewable electricity by addressing policy and market barriers. The Group is committed to change at both, a global and local level to achieve its goals.

More information

With our commitment, we want to share our knowledge and promote sustainability worldwide. At the same time, we want to learn from our partners and work together on greater transparency for everyone as well as new industry standards. If you want to find out more about the Battery Pass, you can find additional information here. The Climate Group R100 has compiled all the important information for you on its homepage.

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