LG Energy Solution enblock E Residential Storage Solution

The enblock E is a compact energy storage system with a considerable capacity for confined spaces, supported by high-quality LFP cells from LG Energy Solutions’ own production.

Market Launch Q4 2024

Why the enblock E Residential Storage System is your first choice

Fits in every corner

The minimal footprint and small required distances to the housing allow enblock E to be installed in any room.

High compatibility

Popular inverters from manufacturers such as Fronius, KOSTAL, Solis and SUNGROW will be compatible with enblock E at market launch.

Capacity cxpandable

Depending on requirements, the storage capacity of enblock E can be expanded modularly to up to 15.5 kWh.

The enblock E Storage System fits into the smallest corner

  • Minimal basic dimensions: Its slimline housing of just 451 x 330 mm allows enblock E to be installed in the furthest corners.

  • Small minimum distances: With just a few millimetres required on each side, the storage cabinet is not limited in any way when it comes to installation.

  • High protection class: Thanks to the IP55 protection class, enblock E can be operated in the cellar as well as in the garage without any problems.

enblock E is compatible with your inverter

  • High compatibility: The enblock E battery storage system will be compatible with popular hybrid inverters at market launch. These include the Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus, the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus, the GoodWe ET series and the SMA Sunny Tripower Smart Energy.

  • 1/3-phase solution: Depending on the local grid and the size of the pv-system, a 1-phase or 3-phase solution is the way to go. enblock E supports both solutions.

  • DC/AC connection: Owners of a pv-system can integrate enblock E on the DC side with a new solar system or retrofit an existing solar system on the AC side.

enblock E delivers clean electricity for everyday life

  • Expandable storage capacity: The enblock E supports the use of four or five storage modules. It therefore offers a storage capacity of 12.4 to 15.5 kWh. A configuration with three modules for 9.3 kWh will be possible with selected inverters.

  • Subsequent expansion: If the originally installed storage capacity is not sufficient, enblock E allows an additional storage module to be retrofitted up to two years after commissioning.

  • Powerful system: With up to 7.7 kW output power from the battery storage system, the enblock E easily supplies the entire household, the heat pump or charges the electric car for the next journey to the office.
"The enblock E energy storage system breaks new ground. The unique cabinet design gives it that certain something and the LFP cells fulfil the wishes of numerous end customers. Compatibility with popular inverters and use as a 1/3-phase, AC/DC-side system allows a wide range of applications."
Donny George
Head of Sales ESS


Who can install my enblock E Energy Storage System?

We work with a large number of certified installers in your area.

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Where can I buy LG Energy Solution products?

As an installer, you can buy our products from all major wholesalers in Europe.

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