LG Energy Solution PRIME Residential Storage System

PRIME combines the strengths of LG Energy Solutions NMC cell technology: high storage capacity and performance that fits into the smallest spaces, with high-quality battery cells from our own production.

Why the PRIME Residential Storage System is your first choice

Compact dimension

The PRIME contains high-performance NMC cells, which are also used in electric cars. The result is compact dimensions and high energy density.

Flexible use-cases

For the PRIME, we offer a 1ph solution with our SHH hybrid inverter. Or a 3ph solution with the 3ph box and the Solis S6 Hybrid.

High power and capacity

Thanks to its high capacity, the PRIME storage system is suitable for larger home solar systems and powers even the most demanding devices.

PRIME is one of the most compact Battery Storage Systems

  • NMC Cells: The PRIME contains safe NMC cells with a high energy density that provide a lot of storage capacity.

  • Cells from electric cars: LG Energy Solutions NMC cells are installed millions of times in electric cars from major manufacturers and are designed for demanding applications.

  • Minimal footprint: The PRIME battery storage system has a footprint of just 504 x 295 mm. Even in the large 16H version, the battery is only around 1 meter tall.

Flexible use in 1/3ph systems is possible

  • One system from LG Energy Solution: The SHH hybrid inverter is ideal for single-phase use of the PRIME battery storage system.

  • 3-phase use: In combination with the 3ph box, the PRIME energy storage system can also be installed with the Solis S6 Hybrid as a 3-phase system.

  • Other inverters: In addition, the PRIME is compatible with single-phase inverters from SolarEdge, SMA, GoodWe and Sungrow.

High capacity and power for bigger PV-Systems

  • PRIME 10H & 16H: PRIME residential storage systems are available in two variants, 10H and 16H. With a storage capacity of 10/16 kWh each, the battery storage systems are suitable for larger solar systems.

  • Power peaks are not an issue: Some consumers have high starting currents, which PRIME can easily cover. With up to 11 kW peak power, a full supply from the storage system is guaranteed at all times.

  • Double capacity: If up to 16 kWh storage capacity is not enough, a PRIME 10H or 16H can be extended by a second PRIME of the same class. This is possible with LG Energy Solutions SHH Hybrid Inverter (1ph).
"The PRIME 10H with 3ph box and Solis S6 10 kW hybrid inverter have been running reliably in my basement for some time now. I am very satisfied with the installation and would buy the system again."
Jan Lippert
Kunde von LG Energy Solution

How to install the PRIME 10H / 16H Residential Storage System


Who can install my PRIME Residential Storage System?

We work with a large number of certified installers in your area.

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Where can I buy LG Energy Solution products?

As an installer, you can buy our products from all major wholesalers in Europe.

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