LGES enblock C 6.5 / C10 / C12 storage system

The LG Energy Solution enblock C storage series is available in three storage sizes from 5.9 to 11.7 kWh usable storage capacity. The NMC battery cells with high energy density ensure a very compact design, which makes installation in the smallest basement corners possible. Nevertheless, the enblock C storage system offers sufficient capacity for the common needs in your household.

Why Choose the LG enblock C Series?

Compact Design with High Energy Density

The LG enblock C series, featuring the C6.5, C10 and  C12 models, boasts high-performance NMC cells renowned for their compact dimensions and exceptional energy density. Derived from advanced electric vehicles cell technology, these batteries offer unparalleled performance in a sleek, space-efficient package.

High Power and Capacity Across the Board

The enblock C series stands out for its high-capacity offerings, from the practical storage of the C6.5 to the expansive energy reserves of the C12. These storage systems are crafted to support even the most demanding home solar systems, ensuring that every device in your household is powered efficiently.

Flexible Use Across Models

LG enblock C’s range is designed for flexibility, offering solutions for varied residential needs. Whether it’s the enblock C6.5 for smaller energy requirements or the C12 for more demanding setups, the series is compatible with a multitude of inverter systems, ensuring an ideal fit for both single and three-phase PV systems.

Why Choose the LG enblock C Series?

  • Advanced NMC Cells for Robust Energy Storage System
    The enblock C series features advanced NMC cell technology, making it a potent combination of safety and high energy capacity. We produce the cells ourselves, ensuring your home storage system has the power it needs, when it needs it.

  • Customizable Configurations for Diverse Applications
    With various capacity options ranging from 6.5 kWh to 11.7 kWh, the enblock C series caters to a wide array of energy needs. The C6.5, C10, and C12 models can be “cross-connected” for increased versatility, demonstrating LG’s commitment to providing flexible and reliable energy solutions.

  • Designed for Spatial Efficiency
    Despite their powerful capabilities, the enblock C batteries maintain a minimal footprint. The entire series is designed with space-saving in mind, allowing for easy integration into your home. The C12, as the largest in the series, remains unobtrusive with its efficient use of space, proving that high capacity need not compromise your home’s aesthetics.

Flexible Integration for Various PV Systems

  • LG Energy Solution One-Brand System
    Tailored to complement the LG SLH hybrid inverter, they seamlessly enhance any solar energy system, old or new. The SLH inverter and enblock C pairing is ideal for homes, offering backup solutions and dependable energy management.

  • Broad Inverter Compatibility
    With the enblock C series, homeowners are not limited to a single inverter type. These batteries are designed to work in harmony with the SLH inverter, as well as several leading inverter brands, including single and three-phase solutions from SolarEdge, SMA, GoodWe, Deye and Sungrow. This ensures that whichever inverter you choose, the enblock C batteries will provide a compatible, efficient energy storage solution.

  • Versatile and Efficient Energy Solutions
    The enblock C series is not just about adaptability; it’s about providing efficient and practical energy storage solutions. Whether you have a 1ph system and are using the streamlined SLH inverter or a robust 3ph setup, these batteries are engineered to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. They deliver the flexibility and efficiency required for modern energy demands, making them a cornerstone of LG Energy Solution’s innovative offerings.

Expand your battery capacity with LG enblock C Parallel Box

  • LG enblock C Parallel Box is an expansion kit specially designed for enblock C.
    With Parallel Box, enblock C6.5/10/12 can be cross-connected with each other:
    • Dimension: 216 x 156 x 121 (W x H x D, mm)
    • Number of Expandable Battery Units: Up to 2EA
    • IP55

  • Handling Power Peaks with Ease
    High starting currents from demanding appliances are effortlessly managed by the enblock C series. With peak power capabilities designed to handle intense energy demands, these batteries ensure your home is powered without interruption.

  • Expandable Energy Storage
    For those requiring more than the ample storage provided by a single unit, the enblock C series allows for expansion. You can easily double your capacity by pairing two batteries from the series, facilitated by the LG Energy Solution’s versatile inverter options, accommodating even the most substantial solar systems.

LG Energy Solution enblock C

Compact low-voltage storage system

  • Compact size and space saving

    The LG Energy Solution enblock C is perfectly suited for use in the smallest of spaces and finds room where no other storage unit can.

  • Reliable performance

    Our system offers reliability for your home with its long life and constant performance.

  • Remote monitoring of the system

    Real-time battery condition monitoring and quick diagnostics with Home Battery Monitor, LG Energy Solution's remote monitoring system.

  • Compatible with LG enblock C Parallel Box

    Via the enblock C Parallel Box, two enblock Cs can be coupled to double the usable storage capacity.

Product Variant

LG enblock C6.5

LG enblock C10

LG enblock C12


Usable Energy (kWh)5.9 | 8.8 | 11.7
Communication InterfaceCAN2.0B
Enclosure Protection RatingIP55
Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)452 x 656 x 120 | 452 x 484 x 227 | 452 x 626 x 227
Weight (kg)52 | 75 | 99
Compatible Inverters Goodwe, SMA, SolarEdge, Solis, LG Energy Solution, Victron Energy, Sungrow, Deye


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