Solis S6 and LG Energy Solution PRIME

Perfect duo: LG Energy Solution PRIME compatible with Solis S6 hybrid inverter

Energy storage systems (ESS) for private households enable homeowners to use self-generated solar energy effectively when it is needed. However, the requirements of end customers sometimes vary greatly. It is therefore crucial that solutions from different manufacturers are compatible with each other. This not only provides homeowners with a wider range of products to choose from. It offers an optimal user experience, as each manufacturer offers unique features and benefits. Seamless interaction between ESS and the inverter enables a top performance of the overall system. Solis and LG Energy Solution now offer such a combination of inverter and residential storage system.  

The new dream team: Solis and LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution is constantly and actively expanding the compatibility of its residential storage series with various hybrid inverters. Together with Solis, LG Energy Solution has worked on an update for two of the companies’ products. For the first time in Europe, the partners have now installed the popular Solis S6 hybrid inverter (EH3P(5-10)K-H-EU) via the LG Energy Solution 3-ph box with LG Energy Solution PRIME, a proven and popular HV residential storage system for private households. The system offers a maximum capacity of 16kWh – enough to power an entire household.

Compact all-in-one inverter

Solis S6 hybrid inverter
Solis S6 hybrid inverter (Source: Solis)

The Solis S6 (EH3P(5-10)K-H-EU) is a hybrid inverter that has been specially developed for energy storage. It is available with 5 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW or 10 kW output and has 3 or 4 integrated MPPTs, which support different orientations of the solar modules and thus optimal use of solar energy. The high PV charging efficiency minimizes PV loss and maximizes the energy yield. In addition, the installation process is simple and efficient thanks to prefabricated battery, electricity meter and CAN cabling. The hybrid inverter offer interesting advantages that include UPS switching (<10 ms), which switches to battery operation in an emergency and continuously supplies critical loads. Solis S6 also supports peak shaving mode to reduce peak loads and optimize self-consumption. 

Reliable residential energy storage

The Solis S6 is now fully compatible with PRIME from LG Energy Solution. The storage system and the 3-phase hybrid inverter can be connected via the 3ph-Box. It is installed between the battery and the inverter. Only two direct current cables (DC cables) are required to connect the box. This reduces the installation effort and enables uncomplicated maintenance. It also serves as an additional battery protection device. If a voltage of more than 600 V is applied to the battery due to a malfunction in the PV system, the 3ph-Box blocks the applied voltage by disconnecting the battery from the inverter.  

LG Energy Solution 3ph-Box

PRIME residential storage systems can also be perfectly customised to the individual requirements of end customers and are available in two versions:  

  • The PRIME 16H is a residential storage system with enough capacity to effectively supply an entire home. PRIME 16H is a powerful backup solution for private households with a capacity of up to 16 kWh and an output of 7 kW. 
  • The PRIME 10H model is a first-time storage solution aimed specifically at solar energy beginners. The capacity of 9.6 kWh of usable energy with an output of 5kW guarantees a reliable supply for the home both at peak times and in emergencies. 

Thanks to its modular design, the residential storage system is divided into two battery modules and a control unit. This simplifies the assembly process and ensures quick and space-saving installation.

Reliable partners

With Solis and LG Energy Solution, two leading companies in the field of residential storage solutions and inverters are working together to offer a strong product combination with an optimal user experience. Both partners have many years of experience and technical expertise. Solis, as an experienced inverter manufacturer, offers reliable solutions for the global solar market. LG Energy Solution is a global manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries with over 25 years of experience in development and production. Both companies attach great importance to quality in their joint development and offer first-class service. If you are interested, you can find an installer for LG Energy Solution residential storage systems near you here.


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