Rückblick 2023 / Ausblick 2024

A review of 2023 and outlook for 2024: a journey through innovation and partnerships

The year 2023 is history and we have made a successful start to the new year. Time to review the past year. It was a successful year full of exciting events where communication proved to be the key to driving forward the energy transition.

Our trade fair review 2023 

In 2023, we took part in Genera in Spain for the first time – a real success story. The trade fair is one of the most important meeting places for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Spain. The dialogue with partners and installers gave us valuable new insights into the Spanish market and local requirements. This also applies to Intersolar in Germany. We presented our new LFP home storage system enblock E there for the first time and received important feedback from the industry. We will use the experience and information gathered there to offer the best possible user experience with renewable energies and their storage together with our partners.  

ON THE ROAD through Germany, Italy and Austria 

To further intensify the dialogue with our partners and installers, we also took part in Memodo Storage Days in 2023. Together with one of our most important distributors, we toured Germany and Austria. In December, we then launched our own roadshow through Germany and Itatly. We held 6 events with Sungrow, Solis, Kostal as well as Fronius and have been to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hagen. A highlight moment of our roadshow was the guided tour through the Kostal factory. The roadshows are the perfect platform for sharing knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, presenting our innovations and receiving direct feedback from installers, distributors and other manufacturers. 

We are also excited to welcome important new partners in various key European markets. In the Netherlands, we are now working with ESTG & Natec. For the Belgian market we have teamed up with GPC Europe and in Spain we are working with IPVS. In Poland, we have also found a new distribution partner in Corab & Keno. We look forward to working closely together and drive energy transition forward.

Our product review 2023 

We are also proud of the innovations we introduced in 2023. Starting with the first installation of our FLEX series in conjunction with the SMA STP SE inverter. In addition, the introduction of the new 3ph Box makes the 10H and 16H PRIME series compatible with a variety of 3-phase inverters. This means that it is now possible to connect the 10H Prime to the popular Solis S6-EH3P-(5-10)K-H-EU hybrid inverter via the 3ph box. Furthermore, we have already initiated or are planning the matching process between our PRIME series and the 3ph Box with the inverter manufacturers Sungrow, GoodWe and Deye.

We also presented a range of all-in-one packages for the European market. The high-voltage (HV) option combines 400V Prime batteries (usable energy: 9.6 kWh, 16 kWh) with 5kW (Spain) and 6kW (Italy) SHH hybrid inverters. Up to 2 residential storage systems with up to 32 kWh, which can be charged in parallel, can be connected to the inverter. The low voltage (LV) option for France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, Czech, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece can be connected in parallel with up to two 48 V batteries (usable energy: 5.9 kWh, 8.8kWh, 11.7kWh), resulting in a maximum capacity of 23.4kWh. 

The simple architecture of the batteries and the plug & play principle of the inverters ensure easy installation, which is suitable both for newly installed solar and energy storage systems and for retrofitting in households with existing photovoltaic systems.

What awaits us in 2024 

In the coming year, we expect the market for self-produced sustainable energy and its storage to continue to grow. A close dialogue with installers and distributors will remain a central aspect of our work in 2024. We can already announce that we will be attending Intersolar MunichENEX KielceSolar Solution Amsterdam and Verde-tec Athens. We will also attend Solarsolution Bremen and Düsseldorf, Genera in Spain and Key in Italy. In addition, we plan to work more closely with our key distribution partners to organise joint events, from online webinars to face-to-face events.

And of course, we are planning another exciting event for our top installers next year. Becoming a registered installer with LG Energy Solution is as easy as installing a residential storage system yourself. After receiving online certification, you can register any installed home storage system on our website. Once you are a registered installer, you will also automatically get the chance to be selected annually as one of our premium installers and attend one of our upcoming events. By the end of January, we are selecting our 2024 premium installer. So if you installed a number of our residential batteries, don’t forget to register them soon! Be a member of LG Energy Solution Premium Installer 2024 and enjoy various benefits with LG this year.

Exciting news

We are also working on exciting innovations and updates that we will unveil soon. First we will add the enblock E, our first LFP residential storage system, to our portfolio. The new enblock E will be available soon in all important European markets such as Germany, Spain and Italy. The matching process for the enblock E with Solis and Sungrow is in the working. We will soon start working with Kostal and Fronius to make their product compatible as well. With the new GECP App we want to improve our after-sales service. In addition, we are hiring more service technicians and improving processes overall.

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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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