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Powering your home with LG enblock E: The all-new LFP residential storage system

Homeowners are increasingly turning to renewable energy because it is particularly cheap. A kilowatt hour of self-generated electricity costs only about 6 cents compared to the 40 cents from electricity providers. Therefore, it makes sense to intensify self-consumption especially on days with less sunlight or at night. With a residential energy storage system (ESS), the self-consumption rate can be increased to up to 60 percent if the ESS offers sufficient energy density. Here, LG Energy Solution is taking a decisive development step and will be offering the new LG enblock E, a new lithium iron phosphate residential energy storage system, from April 2024. The LG Energy Solution enblock E will initially debut in Germany before becoming available in Italy, the UK and other European countries.

LG enblock E – maximum energy in the smallest space

The name “enblock” derives from the words “energy” and “block”, describing the main function of this new energy storage system brand: energy in a compact building block (battery module). LG enblock E is the first residential lithium iron phosphate energy storage system from LG Energy Solution. It offers an impressive increase of about 40 percent in energy density compared to conventional LFP alternatives. This means it can store more energy in a smaller space. The ESS contains a set of 28.5-kilogram battery modules and a 3.68-kilogram control unit called the Battery Protection Unit (BPU). This keeps the storage unit compact and flexible.

5 reasons for choosing LG enblock E

  1. Easily extendable
    Every homeowner has individual requirements for an ESS. LG Energy Solution responds to this perfectly. LG enblock E is extremely flexible and can be easily expanded. In this way, the capacity can be adapted to the homeowner’s needs when energy demand increases. The high-voltage ESS is available in two configurations depending on the number of battery modules: 12.4 kilowatt-hour (kWh) version with four battery modules and one BPU, and a 15.5 kWh version with five battery modules and one BPU.
  2. Easy installation
    LG enblock E features faster and effortless installation, which means significant time and cost savings for end users and installers. The hardware can be installed in as little as 15 minutes, a significant improvement over traditional options. The battery’s compact size and light weight allow an easy and quick installation in any location. The all-connector type also facilitates the connection of power and communication ports for simple and fast installations.
  3. Flexible installation options
    With its compact size of just 33 cm (depth) x 45 cm (width) x 157 cm (height), the residential storage system is suitable for installation in confined spaces. Its cabinet-like design offers even greater installation flexibility and can thus be optimally adapted to the individual conditions on site. The battery requires less than 0.6 m2 of space during installation. In addition, the IP55 rating allows for safe indoor and outdoor installation, giving the user a wide range of placement options.
  4. Intuitive monitoring
    With the LG Energy Solution Monitor App, homeowners can monitor their energy consumption and production in real time. This feature provides insights into energy consumption, carbon footprint, and cost savings. At the same time, LG enblock E stays up to date with the app – software updates can be easily installed, and services can also be accessed via the app. 
  5. Widest compatibility
    LG enblock E is compatible with both 1-phase and 3-phase inverters, giving customers a wide range of choices. LG Energy Solution also plans to expand the energy storage device’s compatibility with an even wider range of inverters, starting with major inverter brands such as Sungrow, Fronius, Solis and SMA.

Innovation without compromise

With the new product LG Energy Solution is breaking new ground. The home storage system brings together two important factors – the innovation of research and development as well as the desire of customers for a compact and affordable solution. At the same time, LG Energy Solution is not compromising. Innovative battery design, precise manufacturing processes and strict quality control standards allow the company to produce high-quality LFP batteries on a large scale. This entails rigorous management of cathode material capacity and moisture standards, as well as a vision inspection of each battery. A patented lamination and stacking process allows cathodes, separators and anodes to be banded into a single battery cell. The state of charge (SOC) algorithm of LG enblock E provides a remarkably accurate indication of battery status, with a deviation of less than 5 percent compared to the usual 10 percent for LFP batteries on the market. LG Energy Solution is convinced of the quality of its batteries and provides a 10-year warranty on LG enblock E. Homeowners and installers can easily request more information about ESS on our product website.

The cabinet-like design makes LG enblock E space-saving and flexibly expandable


LG enblock E will be available at local installers in April 2024. Updates on availability will be shared via our newsletter. Sign up for the Newsletter with just one click. If you are looking for an installer nearby, you will find more information here:


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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