Hybrid-Inverter and battery storage as a system solution

The LG Energy Solution System Solution: Hybrid Inverter with Battery Storage from one Brand

In Europe, we are recognizing an increasing trend towards more sustainability and environmental protection. House builders are also prioritizing more sustainability and are considering clean and renewable electricity at the same time. In 2023, 1.2 million homes in Germany alone had registered solar systems with residential storage installed. This represents a doubling compared to the previous year and the trend is continuing. For 2024, the industry association Solar Power Europe is forecasting an additional 62 GW of photovoltaic installations in Europe, representing market growth of 11 per cent. This means that solar systems with battery storage have long since reached the masses. More than 80 per cent of new solar systems are now installed with a battery storage – usually with a hybrid inverter that can operate the pv and residential storage system simultaneously. Getting started is particularly easy with a system solution.

More Efficient and Cheaper: Advantages of LG Energy Solution Hybrid Inverters 

LG Energy Solution offers two system solutions for those who want to install their pv system with a residential storage system right from the start: The SHH hybrid inverter with PRIME high-voltage battery and the SLH hybrid with enblock C battery storage in the low-voltage range. Both system solutions are designed for perfect harmonization between inverter and residential storage system. Communication works perfectly and the control of the battery storage by the hybrid inverter is optimized for maximum efficiency. Customers enjoy two advantages when they opt for the “one-brand” solution from LG Energy Solution. Firstly, the DC-side connection of the LG residential storage system to the inverter ensures greater system efficiency, as unnecessary conversion steps from DC to AC and vice versa are prevented. Secondly, the LG hybrid inverter combines the task of a solar and storage inverter in one device, which reduces the overall costs of the system. 

Caption: Der SHH Hybrid-Wechselrichter von LG Energy Solution

Der SHH Hybrid-Wechselrichter von LG Energy Solution 

SHH + PRIME: The High-Voltage System for Demanding Energy Requirements 

The SHH hybrid inverter from LG Energy Solution is the centerpiece of a pv system with battery storage for households with higher electricity consumption. The single-phase SHH is available in two versions that can operate a solar system with up to 7.5 kWp or 9.75 kWp. Also, the three MPP trackers, which allow flexible configuration of the solar modules on the roof, are an outstanding feature. This makes the SHH Hybrid particularly suitable for roofs with an east-south-west orientation. Other manufacturers only equip their inverters with two MPP trackers. The integrated emergency power solution is also practical. From the factory, the LG Energy Solution SHH is able to supply important household appliances from the PRIME residential storage system in the event of a power failure. The LG Energy Solution PRIME is the perfect complement to the SHH. Available as PRIME 10H or PRIME 16H, it offers 9.6 / 16 kWh of usable storage capacity and 5 / 7 kW of power. Perfect for supplying larger consumers such as the heat pump and air conditioning system. If the capacity is not sufficient, homeowners can expand their PRIME with an additional battery storage of the same model and double the capacity. 

Der SLH Hybrid-Wechselrichter von LG Energy Solution 

SLH + enblock C: The Proven Low-Voltage System for Households with Lower Power Consumption 

The SLH Hybrid inverter is LG Energy Solutions’ answer for homeowners who prefer a low-voltage system. The single-phase SLH Hybrid is designed for solar systems up to 7.5 kWp or, in the larger version, up to 9 kWp. The two MPP trackers with a wide voltage range, which start working from 80 volts, are ideal for small systems. The integrated emergency power function of the SLH hybrid inverter is a valuable feature. In combination with the enblock C residential storage system, the SLH can supply the most important appliances in the household with stored electricity in the event of a power failure. The switchover takes place in less than 10ms and is not noticeable to the naked eye. The emergency power solution is standard and does not need to be purchased separately. In contrast, the additional purchase of the enblock C residential storage system is definitely worthwhile. The compact system fits into the smallest basement rooms and is suitable for floor and wall mounting. Available in three versions, C6.5 / C10 / C12, homeowners can choose from three capacity sizes: 5.9 kWh / 8.8 kWh / 11.7 kWh. Ideal for households with lower electricity consumption. If there is a need for additional storage capacity, homeowners can supplement their existing enblock C battery storage with another system using a parallel box. Different models can be flexibly combined, e.g. C6.5 with C12.  

LG Energy Solution Hybrid Inverters offer even more 

To make it easier for customers to get started with sustainable electricity and a battery storage, the purchase of an LG Energy Solution hybrid inverter with a solar system is a good place to start. If you want to reduce the initial cost of your pv system, you can easily retrofit the LG Energy Solution battery storage in the future. Both SHH and SLH can initially operate the solar system without an residential storage system. If the amount of electricity consumed from the solar system and thus the degree of self-sufficiency is to be increased, a PRIME or enblock C can be retrofitted at any time. Independent of the battery storage, the homeowner can use an app from LG Energy Solution to monitor the pv system. They can see the amount of electricity produced, stored and consumed in real time, adapt inverter and battery settings and create rules for utilizing surplus electricity. Another advantage of the LG Energy Solution System is that the inverter and residential storage system come from a single source and can be serviced more quickly. Homeowners and installers only have one contact person who can help them resolve faults more quickly. 

The hybrid inverter system is already available. You can find a suitable installer in your area who can give you expert advice and carry out the installation here

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Asya Polidori

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