For energy storage systems to work perfectly in the private and commercial sector, it requires not only high-quality and compatible devices, but also experts who install them at the end customer’s premises and provide technical support. LG Energy Solution has been working for many years with established premium installation partners in Germany and Italy who take on this important task. Two of them are Jochen Drepper from Gexx AeroSol in Wildau near Berlin and Tino Schiefelbein from KühnSolar in Horneburg near Hamburg. Both were awarded as top installers 2023 by LG Energy Solution. In the following interview, they explain why they decided on a collaboration with LG Energy Solution, what the advantages of LG residential storage systems are and how LG Energy Solution supports their work.

Why did you decide to work with LG Energy Solution? 

Jochen Drepper: As service provider for solar-centred energy systems, we have been able to gain a wide range of experience in the solar industry over the past twelve years. During this time, significant technological advancements have happened, yet one constant remains: the industry is always evolving. Amidst this dynamic landscape, having a reliable partner is crucial. A partner whose solutions and technologies consistently meet our customers’ high standards and, while at the same time supports with the installation of the devices when needed. For ten years, we have collaborated with LG Energy Solution—a partner that fulfills these criteria. Together, we have realised over 800 projects with different battery storage systems from LG Energy Solution. This applies to both private customers in single-family homes and larger commercial customers. We are confident that many more successful projects will await us in the future.

Tino Schiefelbein: We have been equipping our customers with photovoltaic systems since 2000, from solar modules and inverters to high-performance energy storage systems. Throughout the years, we have tested many different batteries and battery manufacturers. In addition to high quality, reliability was particularly important to us when choosing our partners. Six years ago, we found a large, leading and cross-market manufacturer in LG Energy Solution that meets these requirements. I always compare a business partnership with a marriage: open communication is essential for long-term success and mutual happiness. I believe we have achieved exactly that in our collaboration with LG Energy Solution over the last six years.

What characterises the residential storage systems from LG Energy Solution?

Jochen Drepper: First and foremost, quality is curcial and has convinced us from the very beginning. Specifically, this means the high quality of the cell chemistry, the fully integrated battery concept, and the very high level of quality assurance throughout the value chain. A second important aspect is the design. The storage units from LG Energy Solution are visually appealing, with an elegant material look and feel. Thanks to their elegant, compact design, they take up little space and do not have to be hidden away in the farthest corner, unlike comparable residential storage systems. And, of course, the high level of compatibility with different inverters from various manufacturers is a significant advantage.

Tino Schiefelbein: Above all, we realise that the devices are constantly being equipped with new innovations, which benefit both the end customer and us – especially when it comes to simple installations of the energy storage systems. Basically, the installation of the devices is extremely flexible due to the fact that the products are compatible with a large number of inverter systems. This simplifies our work considerably.

How do they support you in your work?

Jochen Drepper: The support is diverse; we receive direct support in marketing and sales. Installation and service are particularly important to us. LG Energy Solution offers regular training courses, either through online learning platform, in webinars or in-person sessions. The learning curve is very steep during the live training sessions; we gain practical experience with the devices, receive personal guidance and immediate feedback. This enhances our product knowledge, enabling us to offer even better service to our customers.

Timo Schiefelbein: The training opportunities are very important for us. We are provided numerous ways to enhance our expertise and gain comprehensive knowledge of the latest developments from industry experts. Getting together with other installers and specialists is equally important. Most recently, we had the chance to take part in the Premium Installer Event in Bolzano, a successful blend of networking and outdoor activities. Additionally, a series of presentations gave us insights into LG Energy Solution’s latest innovations and developments. Events like these along with the recognition as the best installers 2023, underline the great appreciation for our work.

Why would you recommend other installers to become a premium installation partner of LG Energy Solution?

Jochen Drepper: The combination of high-quality, innovative products, trust, and comprehensive service and training offerings results in a service package that makes collaboration particularly attractive.

Timo Schiefelbein: Everyone benefits from working together: LG Energy Solution expands its customer base, we benefit from easy installation, and the end customer is satisfied because their energy storage system works perfectly.

Would you like to become a premium installation partner of LG Energy Solution as well? Then contact us via email at LG Energy Solution looks forward to collaborating with you.

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