New 3-ph-Box extends PRIME compatibility with 3Phase Inverters 

Storage systems are increasingly finding their way into private households that want to maximize the efficiency of self-generated solar energy. The demand for components that are tailored to increase sustainability and provide an exceptional user experience is therefore growing. To this end, LG Energy Solution is expanding the compatibility of its HV residential storage systems Prime with 3Phase inverters and now offers the innovative and new 3-ph-Box.  

The demand for 3Phase residential storage solutions and inverters is continuously increasing. These systems are popular since they offer an optimal combination of performance and flexibility. Compared to single-phase systems, they store and process larger amounts of solar energy. As electricity consumption is increasing at the same time, these systems are a sought-after solution among homeowners who rely on electromobility or electricity-based heating solutions. It is therefore crucial that installers can offer a broad portfolio of compatible storage solutions to meet the high demand.

Meeting the increasing demand

LG Energy Solution has recognised this need and offers the 3-ph-Box now. This innovative addition, combined with the LG Energy Solution PRIME 10H or 16H HV batteries, allows installers to offer a proven and popular residential storage system that is compatible with 3Phase inverters and offers a maximum capacity of 32kWh – enough to power an entire household. This not only allows for a wider choice of hybrid inverters but also gives homeowners more options for customizing their residential storage system.

The 3-ph-Box enables connection to a wide range of popular 3Phase inverters

In a first step, LG Energy Solution will make the Prime series compatible with 3Phase inverters from highly demanded companies such as Sungrow, Solis, Goodwe and SMA. Detailed information and updates on compatibility will be announced with the official compatible inverter list, which we regularly share in the latest version in our newsletter. With just one click, register for our newsletter on the LG Energy Solution homepage.

Easy installation and additional safety

The principle of operation is quite simple. The 3-ph-Box is installed between the battery and the 3Phase inverter. Only two DC cables are required to connect the box with the two units. This reduces the installation workload and guarantees quick installation as well as straightforward maintenance.  

The 3-ph-Box also provides additional protection for the residential storage system. The functionality is set out as follows: 3-ph-Box protects the battery against overvoltage by opening the contactors. When the voltage is higher than 600V, the process of opening the contactors occurs, protecting the battery from any damage.  


From August, installers will be able to order the 3-ph-Box from their wholesaler and offer their customers a variety of new combinations of residential storage solutions and 3Phase inverters. We will supply all major distributors soon. Interested installers can find an overview of our distribution partners here. Homeowners and installers can request further information on the 3-ph-Box on our product website easily with just a few clicks. 


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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