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Powering the Future: Celebrating the 3rd PRIME anniversary

At LG Energy Solution, we are proud to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and sustainability. We are thrilled to celebrate the third anniversary of our PRIME batteries, a groundbreaking power solution that has revolutionized houses worldwide. These batteries have consistently delivered exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency, making them the go-to choice for professionals in the residential area.

Anniversary Promotion

To commemorate this remarkable achievement, we are delighted to introduce an exclusive anniversary promotion on our PRIME batteries. For a limited time, we are offering substantial discounts on two of our most sought-after models: the PRIME 10H and PRIME 16H.

PRIME 10H: Empowering You with Uninterrupted Power

The PRIME 10H battery has become synonymous with reliability and lasting power. To mark our third anniversary, we are thrilled to offer a €300 discount on the PRIME 10h, making it even more accessible for those seeking a robust and efficient power solution.

PRIME 16H: Unleashing Unmatched Performance:

For those who require extended runtime and enhanced power capabilities, the PRIME 16H is the epitome of excellence. This high-performance battery empowers professionals to tackle the most demanding projects with ease, without compromising on efficiency. As part of our anniversary promotion, we are delighted to present a remarkable €500 discount on the PRIME 16H, enabling residential units to become self-sufficient and energetically independent.

Exclusively for Installers: Check Your Inbox for Discounts

To ensure that our valued installers are among the first to benefit from this promotion, we have sent out discount vouchers and an informative email directly to your inboxes. We encourage you to check your email for these valuable offers. In the event that you haven’t received the email or voucher, please reach out to us, and we will gladly resend them. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to supporting your success.

Request Additional Vouchers

We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing opportunities with others. That is why we have made it effortless for you to request additional vouchers.

  1. Log in to by pressing ‘PARTNER LOGIN’.

2. Click ‘My Page’ on the top of the page, after logging in.

3. Scroll down, and click ‘Get voucher reissued’.

4. You will be able to find the vouchers in your voucher list. Click ‘View’.

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The real voucher will include the list of Distributors that you can use the voucher to. If you could not find your voucher, please contact or


Please note:

  • The vouchers will be sent weekly, generally each Friday.
  • The vouchers will be sent only to registered installers.

Join us in Celebrating Three Years of Excellence

As we reflect on our journey over the past three years, we are immensely grateful for the trust and support we have received from our valued customers and partners. It is their unwavering belief in our commitment to innovation that has propelled us forward. We are excited to celebrate this significant milestone, and we invite you to join us in commemorating three years of excellence with our special PRIME battery promotion.


At LG Energy Solution, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of power solutions. As we celebrate three years of PRIME batteries, we express our sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and installers for their unwavering support. Together, we will continue to shape the future by delivering innovative, efficient, and sustainable power solutions that drive progress and success.

Power your future with PRIME batteries. Join us in celebrating three years of excellence.


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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