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Road to 540 GWh – LG Energy Solution increases battery production for more efficient energy use and more e-mobility

Mobility and energy usage are of great importance on the road to a more sustainable future. While the electrification of vehicles is a crucial factor in significantly reducing CO2 pollution, energy storage systems ensure that sustainably generated energy is used efficiently. Large quantities of batteries are required for both areas. With the “Road to 540 GWh” mission, LG Energy Solution, the world’s second-largest battery manufacturer, has set itself the goal of increasing its annual production capacity to 540 GWh by 2025. The energy required for this mission is to be supplied by 60 percent from renewable sources.

Innovative batteries for storage systems and mobile devices 

High-quality battery solutions are used in key industries that ensure greater sustainability. With a large product portfolio, LG Energy Solution is a pioneer in the growing market for energy storage systems (ESS). The principle: Anyone who operates a photovoltaic system privately or commercially can temporarily store the energy generated in an ESS and use it when it is urgently needed – surplus energy does not flow back into the power grid unused. Important premium partners who offer energy storage systems for private use and rely on battery solutions from LG Energy Solution include E3/DC and VARTA. The high-performance batteries are also used in mobile, IT-supported devices, including Bosch power tools.

Batteries for sustainable mobility 

But these are not the only areas of application to which LG Energy Solution has dedicated itself. 1 Gigawatt-hours is equivalent to 1,000,000 kWh. 80 Kilowatt-hours are needed to produce a high-performance, fully electric vehicle that can travel at least 500 km on a single charge. 540 GWh would be enough to produce 6.75 million electric vehicles. To achieve this capacity, LG Energy Solution operates in top locations around the world, including production facilities in South Korea, China, the USA, and Europe. This shortens delivery routes and reduces the CO2 footprint of each battery and product they are included in. Leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Toyota, and Hyundai are already equipping their electric vehicles with batteries from LG Energy Solution. 

For the “Road to 540 GWh” mission, LG Energy Solution is not only increasing its production capacities but is also focusing on diversifying its supply chains. In addition, parts of the raw material supply chain are owned by LG Energy Solution. LG Energy Solution thus ensures a sustainable and secure supply chain as well as a transparent supply of resources. This ensures a high degree of flexibility – crucial in order to be able to respond to pressure and different scenarios on the global market.

LG Energy Solutions is working on the technology of tomorrow

The development of new generations of batteries that deliver even more energy, last longer and are therefore more sustainable than conventional lithium-ion batteries is crucial for LG Energy Solution as well. The experts are currently researching various solutions. One of these is solid-state batteries. They are considered a safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries because the flammable liquid electrolyte between the electrodes is replaced by a fireproof solid electrolyte made of ceramic. They also promise a longer service life and a higher energy density. Lithium metal anodes could be used as the core element instead of carbon anodes. They are already used in lithium-sulphur cells and significantly exceed the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. Before they could provide energy in electric vehicles, there are still some challenges to overcome – LG Energy Solution is working to ensure that not too much time will pass before then.


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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