LG Energy Solution Messestand auf der ees Europe 2023

LG Energy Solution’s new home battery line enblock makes grand debut at ees Europe 2023 

ees Europe is Europe’s largest and most international exhibition dedicated to batteries and energy storage systems, held as part of “The smarter E Europe” exhibition. Every year, the event presents an array of displays, informative presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, bringing together a diverse audience from across the globe. Attendees include industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, investors, and anyone with an interest in energy.

The latest edition took place at the Trade Fair Center Messe München in Munich, Germany from June 14 to 16. ees Europe alone featured over 950 suppliers who presented their latest products and solutions for future energy storage. Over 106,000 visitors from 166 countries joined the occasion, while the conferences and side events set new records with participation from 2,000+ attendees worldwide. The event’s resounding success was evident with over double the exhibition space from the previous year. LG Energy Solution unveiled a range of groundbreaking battery products under the theme “Change Your Energy, Charge Your Life” this year, including two enblock brand models, a hybrid inverter system, a new containerized solution with advanced LFP cells, and an S-Frame pack.

Captivating Visitor Interest: LG Energy Solution Launches enblock as its New Home Battery Brand

LG Energy Solution recently announced its reentry into the European market at ees Europe showcasing its latest innovations including two new residential energy products under the new brand enblock. As an amalgamation of “Energy” + “Block”, enblock denotes a transformative space that encapsulates power. The change from its predecessor, LG RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit), reaffirms the company’s deep-rooted dedication to the realm of “energy”. It also exemplifies an unwavering promise to deliver intuitive and clear battery solutions, including its block-style products that guarantee seamless installation and effortless future expansion.   

The two new enblock offerings, LG Energy Solution enblock E and LG Energy Solution enblock S, were met with positive feedback from attendees due to their emphasis on convenience. LG Energy Solution enblock E, which stands for “Enclousre”, is a compact, high-capacity residential battery system compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase inverters. It offers a small cabinet design that can accommodate 4 or 5 modules, providing a total capacity of 12.5 kWh or 15.6 kWh respectively. The modules connect through a plug-and-play system, enabling easy installation and expansion. LG Energy Solution enblock E, featuring LFP battery technology, will be launched in Q4 2023. 

LG Energy Solution enblock S, which stands for “Stackable”, is a modular residential energy storage system that comes in three sizes, ranging from 10.6 kWh to 17.7 kWh. The system allows for starting with 3 modules and expanding by up to 2 more modules. For additional capacity, a second tower can be added, increasing it to a maximum of 35.4 kWh. LG Energy Solution enblock S emphasizes easy installation, high-level safety, and is also compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase inverters. This model is set to be launched in Q3 2024. Many visitors were seen stopping by LGES’ booth to inquire about the new brand and to learn more about the products’ details and features.

The perfect chance to see enblock S live for the first time

Additionally, the 3ph Box can facilitate the seamless integration of LG Energy Solution Prime and LG Energy Solution enblock S with 3-phase inverters. This device provides enhanced overvoltage protection and is exclusively designed for efficient and reliable DC cable connectivity.

Along with the new enblock line, another fresh product introduced for European households was LGES’ new hybrid inverter system. Scheduled to launch in July 2023, this battery + inverter solution offers effortless installation and commissioning for both high-voltage (HV) and low-voltage (LV) configurations. Initially introduced in Spain and Italy, the HV option combines 400V Prime batteries (9.6 kWh, 16 kWh) with hybrid inverters (5kW, 6kW) for powerful, high-energy systems. The LV option connects one hybrid inverter with up to two 48V batteries in parallel (5.9 kWh, 8.8 kWh, 11.7 kWh), offering a maximum capacity of 23.4 kWh. Both single-phase inverters (SLH, SHH) feature multiple MPPTs, direct backup connection, included smart meter, and easy expandability.

S-Frame Pack as a finalist for the ees AWARD 2023

In addition to the new residential offerings, LG Energy Solution also revealed a range of new grid-scale products at this year’s event, including the S-Frame pack, and a containerized solution with advanced LFP cells. The S-Frame Packutilizes NCM batteries and prioritizes safety by proactively preventing thermal events. Its exceptional safety features have gained recognition within the industry, leading to its selection as a finalist for the prestigious ees AWARD 2023.

The new containerized solution with advanced LFP cells offers convenient installation while boasting a competitive advantage in measuring the State of Charge (SOC). By utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, this solution precisely assesses SOC levels, effectively reducing the risks associated with overcharging or over-discharging and preventing potential damage.

Visitors, partners and installers showed great interest in our products

Showcasing Innovations and Building Connections: LG Energy Solution’s Success at ees Europe 2023

By participating in the prestigious ees Europe 2023 event, LG Energy Solution not only gained recognition for its innovations in energy storage but also utilized the opportunity to foster connections with attendees and customers. Through a special exhibition held in Hall B1, booth 410, the company shared its latest remarkable advancements in NCM and LFP battery technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the company’s high-voltage rack systems, UPS batteries, and the state-of-the-art LG Energy Solution FLEX home ESS. The exhibition served as a platform for visitors to stay updated on the latest developments in battery and energy storage solutions.

Another highlight of the event was engaging in pivotal discussions with our premium installers and distributor partners. These meetings served as a platform to delve into prevailing market trends and personally introduce LG Energy Solution’s state-of-the-art products and solutions. By actively engaging with customers, we not only established valuable connections but also gained valuable insights into their specific needs, further solidifying our position as a trusted industry partner. The positive reception from industry leaders further highlighted LG Energy Solution’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, paving the way for future collaborations in the dynamic energy storage market.


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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