Energy independence goal

Abbiamo seguito il nostro partner Global Solar durante l'installazione di una RESU10M e scambiato qualche parola con il proprietario di casa.


Luca the home owner welcomed us on this early June morning with a beautiful smile, finally the long-awaited energy independence is approaching.

First step

Entrepreneur, owner of a powder coating company, Luca is moving to his newly renovated home. The consumption of the new house is important and the photovoltaic alone, working both spouses, would not be able to cover their energy needs that occur mainly in the evening with many electrodomesics in operation. Luca knows that for energy independence the LG Energy Solution RESU10M battery is indispensable.

Ready for change

Thanks to the Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 inverter, which has independent inputs for 3 batteries, the storage system is ready now to be expanded up to 30kWh, in case an electric car arrives in the family.

Powerful but discreet

The RESU10M battery was a pleasant surprise for Luca, who expected a much bulkier and more intrusive object. Small, light and elegant, the battery fits perfectly in the chosen room, a future tavern. The RESU10M can be installed anywhere and thanks to its small size, the room in which it is installed can continue to be lived without limitations.

Quick and easy to install

The battery was a pleasant surprise also for Matteo from Global SolarGlobal Solar, our installer parner, who was able to send one person to install the storage system instead of the usual 2/3 people team. The savings for Matteo are evident and even his electrician was happy that he did not have to lift heavy loads.


The RESU10M battery is covered by a 10-year warranty, as well as all the other RESU batteries. The guarantee is provided by LG Energy Solution, a company that invoices around US $26 billion worldwide, this allows Global Solar and the battery owners to sleep peacefully knowing that a financially sound company supports the guarantee.

More information on the RESU10M

Installation company

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Luigi DellOrto

Luigi DellOrto

Luigi is passionate about renewable energy and has been working in the photovoltaic market for over 10 years. Today he is responsible for the Italian market for RESU batteries from LG Energy Solution.

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