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Premiere: Energy Solution FLEX expands compatibility with 3-phase SMA hybrid inverter

Residential storage systems are an increasingly popular option to personally expand more sustainability and effectively use self-generated solar energy when it is needed. To cope with the increasing popularity, a wide range of compatible products is needed to provide the best possible user experience. LG Energy Solution has recognized this trend. The company is always working to expand product compatibility with hybrid inverters and has a new software update ready.   

A Milestone for LG Energy Solution FLEX

The residential energy storage system FLEX from LG Energy Solution is reaching a new milestone in its product life cycle. The ESS is now easily compatible with highly demanded 3-phase hybrid inverters by SMA. It offers maximum expandability and flexibility in the installation options and an appealing design. It consists of two main components, a control unit (BPU; Battery Protection Unit) and at least two battery modules (BMA; Battery Module Assembly). The battery modules have a capacity of 4.3 kilowatt hours (kWh) and can be expanded from 2 to 4 battery modules in various expansion stages as required by the homeowner. In its full expansion stage, a FLEX system has a usable storage capacity of 17.2 kWh.

In an Europe-wide first installation with SMA, LG Energy Solution has now installed the popular FLEX residential storage system with the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy hybrid inverter from SMA.

The perfect Duo

An in demand 3-phase hybrid inverter is the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy from SMA. The smart solution of SMA and LG Energy Solution combines intelligent technologies and integrated services in a compact format to store and conveniently use solar power – even when the sun is not shining. As a 3-phase solution, it offers higher performance and more flexibility. Therefore, it can store and deliver more solar power than 1-phase solutions. This is especially useful when household energy consumption is high. It enables efficient operation of heat pumps and charging of electric vehicles with low-cost solar power. The integrated emergency power function ensures the household’s power supply even in the event of a local power outage. 

Hybrid inverter Sunny Tripower Smart Energy from SMA (Source: SMA)

The first LG Energy Solution FLEX und SMA installation

In July 2023, LG Energy Solution and YouTuber gewaltig nachhaltig installed Europe’s first test installation of the FLEX residential storage system with the 3-phase SMA Sunny Tripower Smart Energy hybrid inverter. Martin Oster is the content creator who is jointly responsible for the “gewaltig nachhaltig” channel and focuses on energy transition and electromobility. With its 70,000 followers, the channel is one of the most popular in Germany in this area. 

The YouTuber will publish further videos about his ESS installation, in which he will show his user experiences with the LG Energy Solution FLEX. Take a look at the installation FLEX and the SMA installation video and visit the YouTube channel of gewaltig nachhaltig for more exciting videos about FLEX:  

LG Energy Solution provides all installers, partners and customers with further information about the compatibility update. Subscribe to our newsletter with just a few clicks. 


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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