LG Energy Solution’s New Hybrid Inverter System: Empowering European homes with seamless solar integration and unified point of service

In recent years, solar power systems have gained increasing popularity among European households looking to reduce their electricity costs. According to Terna, one of the largest grid operators in Europe, this trend was particularly evident in Italy in 2022, where there was a remarkable 165% growth in new photovoltaic installations, leading to an impressive cumulative installed capacity of 2.5 gigawatts (GW) for solar power. During the same period, German Solar Association (BSW) reported that Germany also experienced significant growth in solar PV expansions, with a 28% increase and the addition of 7.2 GW of new installations to the national grid. 

As a prominent battery manufacturer, LG Energy Solution has traditionally specialized in producing batteries tailored for energy storage applications, including solar storage systems for residential and commercial entities. Now, to keep up with market evolution and ever advancing consumer needs, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include compatible inverters with a built-in backup function, suitable for new and/or retrofit solar installation. Available in July, this New Hybrid Inverter System not only offers European households a complete package for their energy requirements but also ensures uninterrupted power supply during outages, thereby enhancing the reliability and resilience of the overall energy system. 

Fulfilling consumer needs with maximized convenience and ensured energy continuity

LG Energy Solution’s latest New Hybrid Inverter System exemplifies the essence of convenience. When installing residential solar power systems, a common challenge arises from the need to source batteries and inverters separately from different manufacturers. Recognizing this concern, the company has integrated batteries and inverters into a single package, not only streamlining the installation process and reducing costs, but also enhancing maintenance support. In addition, compatibility worries are eliminated, guaranteeing users a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Another pioneering feature of the new solution is its incorporation of a Hybrid Inverter equipped with a backup function, making it a groundbreaking addition to the European market. The demand for backup energy storage solutions has been steadily increasing due to factors such as natural disasters, extreme weather events, and geopolitical influences, leading to more frequent power outages. With LG Energy Solution’s new offering, homeowners can store surplus energy from solar panels for use during nighttime hours, while the inverters ensure uninterrupted power supply during blackouts. This comprehensive approach ensures the continuity of vital systems and reduces reliance on the electrical grid, resulting in a consistently reliable experience for consumers.

Hybrid Inverters suitable for new installation as well as retrofit purposes

The high-voltage (HV) option, initially available in Spain and Italy, combines new 400V Prime batteries (Usable Energy: 9.6 kWh, 16 kWh) with the Hybrid Inverters (5kW, 6kW). With the capability to connect one inverter to up to 2 units which can be charged in parallel, this option will serve as an ideal choice for customers seeking robust and efficient high-energy and high-power systems.

The low-voltage (LV) option can be connected in parallel with up to 2 units of the existing 48V batteries (Usable Energy: 5.9 kWh, 8.8kWh, 11.7kWh), resulting in a maximum capacity of 23.4kWh. This total battery + inverter solution is designed for customers seeking affordable systems with high capacity and will be available throughout all of Europe.

The batteries’ streamlined architecture and plug-and-play design make them a perfect fit for newly installed solar and energy storage systems, while also offering retrofit options for households with pre-existing PV systems.

* Specifications and availability may vary by country or region.

LG Energy Solution as central hub for all consumer needs

LG Energy Solution serves as a centralized point of contact, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience throughout all aspects of the new solution. Leveraging an advanced smart monitoring application, homeowners gain access to real-time data on their solar energy production and energy consumption, empowering them to make well-informed decisions regarding their energy usage. This sophisticated application also proactively detects anomalies, enabling swift diagnosis and remote troubleshooting for efficient problem resolution. Installers and homeowners will soon also enjoy a seamless user experience with streamlined service and technical support all through LGES as the central hub.

Screenshot of the app interface
Data on personal solar power production and storage monitored via the LGES app
Screenshot of the app interface

Customers can also take advantage of a comprehensive 10-year warranty that covers the battery, inverter, and auto backup device, instilling peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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