The Top Installers 2022 together with representatives on LG Energy Solution

2022’s best installers honored at Baia di Chia Resort in Sardinia

On May 27th and 28th 2023, LG Energy Solution hosted a two-day event for top installers on Sardinia’s beautiful coast to appreciate yet another year of successful collaboration.

An event like this offers the opportunity to engage in interesting conversations about current local market trends, but it also gives LGES the chance to show gratitude towards Italy’s top installers with a luxurious ambience and a variety of group activities for the attendees to enjoy. This year, the setting was the “Baia di Chia Resort” in Sardinia, a 5-star superior hotel right on the Mediterranean coast.

Catamaran Experience and Local Food Selection

Drone shot from the Catamaran experience with several people swimming in the water
Enjoying the Mediterranean Sea 

After all the hard work and installed ESS batteries in 2022, a relaxing afternoon exploring the beautiful Sardinian Sea was a nice reward for everyone. To round off the boat trip, the crowd tasted some local wines and food to go with the crystal-clear water and summer sun.

Event Highlight: An Authentic Sardinian Dinner

Several people standing and engaging in conversations
To kick off the evening, a delightful aperitif was served in the pool area

The first day was reserved for a local culinary experience of the Sardinian cuisine and the honorary mentions of all our top installers in 2022. The aperitif in the classy pool area of the hotel set the mood for the evening as all attendees were invited to indulge in the rich food culture of Sardinia. The delicious dinner provided the perfect setting to celebrate together the great work of our partners and the joint successes of 2022. A special and well-deserved recognition went to our top 5 installers:

The evening was a wonderful end to the day and gives us confidence that our partnership for 2023 is built on an even stronger foundation.

Several people sitting around a table having dinner and engaging in conversations
Sardinian dinner on the last evening to honor all of LGES’s top installers of 2022

The awards ceremony was a resounding success and provided a moment of recognition and celebration for the best installers of the year. In this way, the LGES was able to express its gratitude for their exceptional work and loyalty. The choice of Baia di Chia Laguna Conrad Resort as the venue helped to create an unforgettable experience characterized by luxury, comfort and beauty.

“Thanks to our trusted installers, LG Energy Solution has built and consolidated a reliable reputation in residential storage systems. Our company will continue to extend and strengthen our partnership with installers worldwide,” said Luigi Dell’Orto, Country Sales Manager.

The Premium Installer Program

Becoming one of LG Energy Solution’s registered installer is as simple as installing the battery itself. After gaining the online certification you can now register every installed battery on our website. By becoming a registered installer, you also automatically receive the chance to be picked as one of our Premium Installers every year and join one of our upcoming events.

Watch the full event video:


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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