LG Energy Solution Installazione di RESU 16H Prime

RESU16H Prime – Field tests begin for LG Energy Solution’s new battery

Chronicle of the first installation of the new RESU16H Prime in Italy - A battery that for its characteristics is perfect for a decisive step towards energy independence.

Field tests begin

LG Energy Solution in collaboration with SolarEdge have started, also in Italy, a series of field tests to make sure that everything is in order in view of the official launch and CEI-021 certification.

An easy installation

We are at the home of Giuliano Orzan, Sales Manager Italy of Solar Edge, who decided to take part, with his photovoltaic system, to the field tests of the new RESU16H Prime battery.

With us there is also Valentino Gatti of VIP Energy who installed the photovoltaic system and will give us a hand with the installation of the battery.

We are all a little excited for this first ever RESU16H Prime on the Italian territory but after 5 minutes we dive into the installation of the battery that proceeds quickly without a hitch.

In less than two hours, the battery is already charging.


The battery for its 16kWh of useful energy is very compact, the part dedicated to the cells takes only 2/3 of the battery while the remaining third is occupied by the DC / DC converter that serves to bring the output voltage from the battery to 400V needed to interface with the inverter.

Thanks to its characteristic modularity, despite its “finished” weight of 159Kg, it can be easily installed by a single technician. In fact, the battery consists of 3 main parts, the converter (24Kg) and the two battery packs (65Kg each) that can be easily transported by hand or by cart from the van to the installation site.

Each battery pack incorporates two handles in the design for easier and safer handling without the need for dedicated accessories.

Quick, easy and safe installation also means nice savings on installation costs.

Ready to offer all its power

The new RESU 16 Prime is not only the world’s largest capacity residential battery, 16kWh, but also offers the highest charging and discharging power of 7kW with the ability to respond to power peaks of up to 11kW. This translates into the ability to quickly charge the battery when production is available and to discharge it just as quickly.

These features make it ideal for applications where heat pumps are installed or in the presence of electric vehicles, in practice the perfect battery for the future. If 16kWh were not enough, here is the possibility to parallel two RESU16H Prime to reach in a flash the total capacity of 32kWh (doubling also the charging and discharging power).

Selling and buying power to and from the grid operator will increasingly be a rare occurrence.

A new heart for RESU16H Prime

The converter built specifically for LG Energy Solution by a company within the LG Innotek group is a newly designed inverter that incorporates all the lessons learned from previous generations of high voltage batteries.

Equipped with only one main disconnector, the battery is able to protect itself autonomously to safeguard the minimum energy for its operation in case of a system failure.

Una volta chiuso lo sportello secondario e principale, il convertirore si presenta con una elegante striscia scura riservata ai led.

Internet connected

In addition to offering the possibility of using RS485 and CAN bus operating protocols, the new BMS has an Ethernet port for connection to the Internet.

Remote monitoring by LG Energy Solution technicians and the installer makes firmware updates and diagnostics much easier.

Updating the firmware remotely means having the battery always updated to the latest software release and therefore more efficient and performing.

A few more weeks

At the end of these field tests, which we expect to be completed by the end of April, the RESU16H Prime battery will be available on the European market. As for Italy, both SolarEdge and SMA are already working in the laboratories to obtain the CEI-021 certification.


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Luigi DellOrto

Luigi DellOrto

Luigi is passionate about renewable energy and has been working in the photovoltaic market for over 10 years. Today he is responsible for the Italian market for RESU batteries from LG Energy Solution.

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