LG Energy Solution conducts live training for installers at IBC Solar headquarters

LGES, expert in solar battery systems, offers live training and webinars to installers for even better service quality.

The seamless delivery and optimal performance of energy storage systems in households are a result of coordinated efforts from diverse partners with varying expertise behind the scenes. From manufacturing to distribution and installation, every step requires close communication and cooperation to ensure top-quality products and services for end-users. In April, LG Energy Solution and its long-standing distribution partner IBC Solar exemplified this collaborative approach by hosting a day-long live training seminar at the Competence Center of IBC Solar AG in Bad Staffelstein, Upper Franconia, Germany. The session provided installation customers with theoretical education and practical hands-on training personally from the managers of LG Energy Solution, the manufacturer of the PRIME & FLEX solar power storage systems. The participants could gain valuable insights and practical skills to better understand and utilize the features and benefits of the products.

Interactive training session sparks dynamic conversation between solar power professionals

The first part of the seminar started by highlighting the importance of solar power storage in today’s energy landscape. Lukas Lambert, Marketing Manager of the leading battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution, delivered an introduction with emphasis on the need for intensive training programs for solar installers, both theoretical and practical, to ensure efficient workflows and superior installation quality for end customers. The presentation also covered the specifics of the solar battery systems including product features, application scenarios, sizing, expandability, and different battery types for storage. The attendees were given the opportunity to actively participate and share thoughts and questions directly.

LGES presentation to installers at IBC Solar AG.
Lukas Lambert speaking to installers at IBC headquarters.

Shifting to the second half of the event, Technical Sales Manager of LG Energy Solution, Michael Gutwein, took over to lead a practical training session. This part featured live demonstrations of LGES’ PRIME and FLEX power storage systems, enabling installers to witness the devices in action and gain hands-on experience in setting up the systems. LGES also answered any queries installers had and offered guidance on troubleshooting as well

Subsequently, a panel discussion took place which brought together industry experts and solar installers to discuss the future of solar power storage, current market trends, and demands. This part of the seminar was particularly noteworthy, as the panelists had a chance to swap insights on the latest technological advances in the field and discuss their potential impact on the solar industry in the coming years.

Demonstration of LGES products during live training.
Michael Gutwein performing demonstrations with LGES products.

Maximizing learning through live training opportunities

LG Energy Solution currently provides a wide range of training opportunities for its partners, such as live training, webinars, and a learning platform. However, as solar power storage systems, inverters, and photovoltaic systems are highly complex products, live training sessions offer a definitive advantage over other options. Seminar participants stand to benefit in several important aspects, including:

  • Hands-on experience: LG Energy Solution’s live training sessions provide participants with invaluable hands-on experience, allowing them to work with products in a real-world environment. This practical knowledge enables them to gain a deeper understanding of product functionality, installation, and commissioning.                                                                                  
  • Personal attention: Live training sessions offer participants the opportunity to seek personalized guidance from instructors who possess extensive expertise and experience with the products. This individualized attention helps them better grasp the intricacies of the products and their application in diverse use cases.
  • Collaboration and networking: Live training sessions bring together professionals from various fields and companies with shared interests, creating chances for collaboration and networking that can potentially lead to new business prospects and partnerships.
  • Immediate feedback: Live training sessions provide attendees with immediate feedback on their work, swiftly identifying areas for improvement. This enables them to enhance their proficiency with the products and deliver superior service to their customers.                                                        
  • Up-to-date information: Live training sessions are typically led by industry experts who possess the latest knowledge on industry developments. This assists attendees in keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies.

Strengthening partnerships all around

Overall, the event proved to be a resounding success, with participating installers acquiring valuable knowledge and hands-on experience that will enable them to enhance their services and work more efficiently. Best described as synergistic, all parties benefitted one way or another with the attendees receiving product-specific certificates from LG Energy Solution, affirming their qualification to handle products. LGES representatives could also collect valuable feedback from installers regarding their products and potential areas for improvement.

For further information regarding LG Energy Solution’s training programs, installers can visit our website, reach out to us directly at  or respond to training offers through our authorized distribution partners.


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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