The power duo for green electricity from solar energy: LG Energy Solution home storage systems and inverters from PLENTICORE

RESU FLEX and PLENTICORE: a perfect match for green electricity.

With a home storage system, solar energy can be stored and only used when it is actually needed. In order to be able to operate the washing machine, dishwasher, or television with the self-generated green electricity, it must first be converted from direct current to alternating current. This is made possible by inverters, for example from the PLENTICORE series from KOSTAL Solar Electric. They are compatible with the high-performance battery storage RESU Flex from LG Energy Solution (LGES) – the perfect combination for an energy-efficient, self-sufficient power supply in your own four walls.

High efficiency: Excess solar energy is stored for later use

The topics of energy efficiency and sustainability are currently more important than ever. They were also among the megatrends at the IFA, Berlin’s international technology and industry trade fair, which took place at the beginning of September. Home storage combines the two major needs of making oneself independent of rising electricity prices on the one hand and wanting to use green energy efficiently on the other. The big advantage: the solar energy generated does not have to be used immediately, but is stored. A particularly efficient method, because excess regenerative energy that cannot be stored otherwise flows back into the grid. This is not infrequently the case. Because the sun usually shines at the time of day when the fewest residents are in the house – and the washing machine, oven, etc. are therefore not in operation.

Inverters from the PLENTICORE series make solar energy usable as alternating current

In order for household appliances to be able to use solar energy, direct current must first be converted into alternating current – ​​the kind of electricity that usually comes out of the socket. Inverters take on this task. The PLENTICORE series from KOSTAL manages this particularly efficiently with the PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI inverters. Both are compatible with the new LGES RESU series. PLENTICORE plus is a hybrid inverter with a simple connection to LGES RESU FLEX. With an output of between 3 and 10 kW, it provides the largest possible amount of self-produced green electricity at the optimum time. Even more power is possible in combination with two or more devices. PLENTICORE BI is perfect for daily use in the 5.5 and 10 kW power classes.

Smooth communication, flexible attachment and high security

Smooth communication between the home storage system and the inverter takes place via RS485, the standard that defines the electrical specifications for differential receivers and transmitters in digital bus systems. Users can conveniently commission and monitor the inverters from the PLENTICORE series using the free KOSTAL Solar App. For operation in your own home or in business, the flexible location determination of the powerful duo of LGES storage system RESU FLEX and PLENTICORE inverter is a decisive factor: Both are capable for both indoor and outdoor installation and use.

Also important: the safety of the devices. PLENTICORE and LGES also go hand in hand here. The inverters are equipped with special safety components and thus ensure trouble-free operation. The home storage systems from LGES RESU FLEX are also comprehensively protected against overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuits.

Energy self-sufficiency for homes and businesses

More freedom through energy self-sufficiency: The combination of powerful storage and smart inverter makes the compatibility of the PLENTICORE series from KOSTAL with the RESU FLEX home storage system from LGES so attractive – for domestic use and business.


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Asya Polidori

Asya Polidori

Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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