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Registering RESU batteries: the steps

Registering RESU batteries is quick and easy, we explain in detail all the steps of this process.

LG Energy Solution cares about its installers and owners of its systems. We want to clarify why registering RESU batteries is crucial. We will then clarify the steps to follow.

In order to obtain a 10-year warranty and discounts on distributors, registration is required. But there are many advantages brought by this procedure, in a few steps you can get benefits in terms of costs, time and warranty.

The benefits of registering RESU batteries

Below, we find the reasons why installers and end customers can benefit from battery registration:

  • Automatically register your installed batteries on the ESS Battery website and receive points to issue a discount coupon on distributors. For information on the discount program, the link to the article.
  • Being able to connect the RESU PRIME and RESU FLEX battery to the Internet, which is mandatory for a 10 year warranty.
  • Update the battery firmware as often as necessary
  • Check the battery status for maintenance and at the request of customers remotely, saving in terms of assistance time
  • Installing and operating the battery much easier

    LG Energy Solution battery registration takes 10 minutes, is intuitive and simple.

    Registration steps

    In order for the battery to be registered correctly, simple steps must be performed:

    1. Subscription to our main website.
    2. Take the test and obtain the certified installer document in the same website.
      • It is necessary to obtain the certificate specifically for each model of the battery installed (Prime –FLEX – 48 Volt).
      • Los instaladores pueden follow the cursos gratuitos and encontrar las diapositivas para pasar mejor las pruebas en nuestro blog.
    3. Register RESU batteries. There are 2 ways to proceed:
      • Batteries that cannot be connected to our server through Internet (RESU6.5 – RESU10 – RESU12).
        • It is sufficient to register these batteries through the portal, entering with your own credentials, then “My page” and “Register your points“. Finally, the batteries will have 10 years warranty.
      • Batteries that need to be directly connected to our server through RESU Monitor app (FLEX – Prime). You can download RESU Monitor manual here.

    RESU Monitor is downloadable from App Store or Play Store, or you can scan these QR codes:  

    RESU Monitor QR codes
    RESU Monitor QR codes

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    Asya Polidori

    Asya Polidori

    Asya works in the Marketing & Sales department for the Italian market for RESU batteries of LG Energy Solution.

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